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Modern Businessman (Wonderland Plaza)
Modern Businessman (WP)
Store Number W207
Location Wonderland Plaza
Dead Rising
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Dead rising Modern Businessman (Wonderland Plaza) PANORAMA
"As you move up in the corporate world, be sure that your suits move up with you. Come experience the cutting edge in business fashion. Be sure to check out our branch in the Entrance Plaza as well!"
—Willamette Parkview Mall Map

Modern Businessman is a men's apparel store on the second floor of the Wonderland Plaza in Dead Rising.

There is a branch store in Entrance Plaza, making it one of only three establishments in the mall to have multiple locations.

It is one of ten men's clothing store in the Willamette Parkview Mall.



Dead rising clothing Yellow Suit with Yellow Striped Tie Modern Businessman Dead rising clothing Yellow Suit with Yellow Striped Tie Modern Businessman (2)

The Yellow Suit with Yellow Striped Tie is found in the dressing rooms in the back of the store.


  • The layout of both stores are nearly identical, but have color schemes. Modern Businessman in Wonderland Plaza has an orange and green color scheme, while the store in Entrance Plaza has a white and gray color scheme.
  • Modern Businessman is confusingly one of three chain stores in the mall which has more than one location and the same name, the other chains being Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics and Colombian Roastmasters. Dead Rising 2 also uses many of the same store names from Dead Rising in its mall.


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