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Money appears in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Dead Rising 2. It is not used in Dead Rising, Case West, Dead Rising 3 and Dead Rising 4.

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop[]

Money was first introduced in the Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop Wii game. A new icon is introduced to the game the moneybag.

Zombies drop ammo and money when killed. Frank also received money by successfully escorting survivors.[1][2]

The money was used to purchase firearms, item stock, and books from Cletus Samson in the Huntin' Shack. Frank could also sell firearms to Cletus in this shop.[3]

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero[]

In Dead Rising 2: Case Zero money was essential to completing the game. The player was introduced to a Pawn Shop where Chuck had to buy a Wheel to complete the game successfully.

This is a list of all ways to make money:

Source of money Source of money
Dead rising Slot Machine Barnyard Bonanza Playing slot machines Dead rising Handbag (Dead Rising 2) In handbags
Dead rising Slot Machine Barnyard Bonanza Breaking Slot machines (Roughly 1 in 5 chance of money, $100-$300 per machine when it does). Dead rising Still Creek Casino Cash Walking over loose money on the ground. If there is money in laying in front of a slot machine, this means Chuck is guaranteed to win on that machine 5-6 times in a row.
Dead rising ATM Breaking ATMs (Each ATM will give $2,500 in Dead Rising 2). Dead rising Cash Register (Dead Rising 2) Cash Registers Damaging Cash Registers ($300 and $500 cash in Dead Rising 2)

Dead Rising 2[]

Dead Rising 2 further expanded the way in which players could make money. In addition to the Case Zero ways of making money, players could also make money by:

Source of money
Dead rising Fortune Whisperer Playing minigames. For example, the slots ($100 to spin, varying rewards), Money-Grab ($100 to enter, about $103 for moderate button mashing), and more.
Competing in Terror is Reality. An online 4-player minigame mode. All money won goes back to the single player game.
Gambling in the missions Ante Up and High Rollers ($1,000,000).
100k There is a large slot game next to the entrance of the Food Court in the Slot Ranch Casino, get all the gambling magazines, make sure Chuck has $25,000-$50,000, and bet on the $1,000 button. It will not always give Chuck the big cash prizes immediately, but with patience Chuck can win up to $100,000, an easy way to win a lot of money.
Dead rising Hacker By using the Hacker on ATMs ($10,000 each), and slot machines

Money is used in the four pawnshops to purchase weapons, Zombrex, vehicle keys, and the Knight Boots. Chuck must also pay a survivor to join him in Know When to Fold 'Em and other missions.


There is a glitch than can be exploited via co-op which enables players to receive money at pawn shops rather than spending it.

It involves the duplication of the Bargaining magazines until there are at least eleven of them in one game (as such, if the player wishes to gain money, they must first level up enough to have at least eleven inventory slots available).

To duplicate, one player must gather both Bargaining magazines and bring them into a hosting player's game. This is best done with someone you know who is willing to cooperate. It's also advisable for the joining player to save after gathering the magazines, otherwise they'll have to be got again.

Once the joining player has joined the host's game, the joining player must then drop the magazines for the host to pick up. The joining player must then leave the game without saving, and instead reload the previous save where they also have the magazines. Then they must join the host again to drop the magazines. Just repeat the process of bringing them through to the host's game.

One magazine will reduce the prices in pawn shops by 10%, thus eleven of them will reduce the price by 110%, and twelve of them by 120%.

For example, with twelve magazines in one's inventory, 120% will be deducted from the price of any item. The SUV key (the most expensive item) for instance has a standing cost of $2,000,000. With ten magazines, 100% of the price is reduced, making the item free. But above 100% will cause the reverse effect and money will be gained.

With the maximum twelve magazines the SUV key can net the player $400,000 when "bought". This is because one magazine reduces its price by $200,000, an eleventh will instead plus $200,000 because it exceeds 100%, while the highest twelfth will plus $400,000, which is a 20% increase of the original price.

If the player continuously buys the SUV key over and over, receiving $400,000 profit each time, it's possible to amass millions in minutes.


  • There are six "cMoneyItem" files in items.txt, these are pictures the game calls up:
    • FiveHundredDollars
    • FiveThousandDollars
    • GamblingDollars
    • OneHundredDollars
    • OneThousandDollars
    • TenThousandDollars



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