Money Case
Dead rising Money Case 2
Type Melee
Uses 15
Strength Weak
Location See article
Fits in Inventory Yes

The money case is a weapon in Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

The case itself is a poor weapon for killing zombies, but it can be smashed to obtain money.

Its durability can be increased with the Domestic magazine.


Dead rising money case main
  • Main: Tap X/Square to swing the money case. Chuck grabs the case handle with both hands and lifts the suitcase over his head and right shoulder. He swings it in front of his body down towards his left waist.

Dead rising money case combo
  • Combo: Quickly tap X/Square again to swing the money case, starting from Chuck's left waist, from the left to the right in an upward arc. The initial attack is slow, but after the first swing, the second swing comes right away.


Case ZeroEdit

In Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Gemini Vargas holds the case with care, as it contains the winnings she and her husband obtained during their stay in Las Vegas. She will not let go of the case, rejecting any items or weapons the player offers her. Gemini uses this case as a weapon and drops it upon death. If Chuck kills Gemini for this item, Fausto will defect and Chuck will have to fight him.

Dead rising case 0 money case 800 dollars (2) Dead rising case 0 money case 800 dollars

After the case breaks, it drops $800. Chuck can quickly open the case by throwing it, breaking it immediately.

Dead Rising 2Edit

Off the RecordEdit


  • This item is destroyed when thrown.[1]
  • Although Gemini holds at least $30,000 in the case, breaking the case open will only give Chuck $800.
    • Similarly, although Janus awards the player with $70,000 upon reaching the safe house, breaking open his case will only yield $50,000.
  • Money cases received a new appearance in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. Wads of cash can be seen sticking out of the cases.
  • The money case is referred to as "MoneyCase_Scoops" in items.txt.
  • In the PC file items.txt for Off the Record, there are several different money cases, all of which appear the same in-game:
    • cPlayerWeaponItem MoneyCase_Americana
    • cPlayerWeaponItem MoneyCase_Atlantica
    • cPlayerWeaponItem MoneyCase_Helicopter
    • cPlayerWeaponItem MoneyCase_Protester
    • cPlayerWeaponItem MoneyCase_Scoops
    • cPlayerWeaponItem MoneyCase_SlotRanch
    • cPlayerWeaponItem MoneyCase_TK
    • cPlayerWeaponItem MoneyCase_Yucatan



  1. In items.txt, this item has the line DestroyOnThrownImpact = "true". See Mod:List of items.
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