Museum of the Americas
Museum of the Americas Outer
Store Number CC125
Location Central City
Psychopath(s) Diego
Mission(s) Find Diego at Museum
Search for Diego
Defeat Diego

The Museum of the Americas is a location in Dead Rising 3.

This is the new museum that the president was attending before the outbreak happened. It has many different exhibits relating to American history, including a zombie exhibit which shows a timeline of the events of the Dead Rising series.

Nick must come here to find Diego after he runs away during Chapter 3. The blueprint for the Chest Beam, the Mauler and the Chuck Axe are found here. During Overtime, Hemlock's helicopter crashes in to the museum. The final confrontation between Nick and Hemlock takes place here. 

Exhibit DisplaysEdit

Creatures of the deepEdit

  • The oceans cover 73% of the earth's surface but that number is rising as a result of a completely natural global warming cycle. Removal of restrictions on carbon emissions limits has allowed American industry to flourish. Coincidentally, tsunamis have become increasingly devastating in the past decade.
  • The great breakthrough in deciphering the mysterious language of the whales came in 2015. Detailed analysis of whale communication reveals that it mostly consist of complaints about the hygiene of pod-mates and crude references to coitus. Research with dogs continues in hopes of better results.
  • The ocean is now the largest resource for recyclable plastic on the planet. Trawlers haul upwards of fifty million tons out of the Pacific each year, providing valuable plastic for use in food packaging. This process has become easier thanks to the extinction of tuna, dolphins, and sea turtles.

A History of WarEdit

  • The aircraft carrier replica that you see before you is a model of the ship used in the recent Amero-Canadian conflict. This conflict escalated from a series of riots following the 2014 hockey season, when a team from Boston lost to a Vancouver club by a score of 15 to 1.
  • Many of the early implements of war that you see before you were discovered right here in Los Perdidos. The city of Los Perdidos is very proud to have been the historic site of the earliest known war, as well as the earliest recorded genocide. This display honors that rich history.
  • Over half a million Americans died during the Civil War. Many Americans are unaware that this far exceeds the casualties from even the recent War of the Tablets in Shenzen Province. Despite the clashes which followed the disbanding of the Supreme Court, America has thus far avoided any more civil conflicts of this magnitude.


  • The largest known species of dinosaur was discovered here in 2018. Its territory on this continent stretched north from the Tropic of Cancer only up to the 48th parallel. With its apparently ravenous appetite, it was territorial and unusually acquisitive, and habitually stomped on other dinosaurs when enraged or excited.
  • This parial specimen of the extinct wooly mammoth was discovered when construction began on the City's new cage fighting arena. High ratings meant that construction must continue, and this was all archaeologists were able to recover. Her bottom half remains beneath the locker room of the new arena.
  • This volcano which lies north of the city has recently increased its seismic activity. It remains a popular spot for subdivisions, due to the excellent vistas of the city and ocean. Central heating costs for these homes remain substantially lower than in other parts of the metropolitan area.

Space AgeEdit

  • Earth is the third planet in a solar system which consists of eight planets. Recently, a large unknown object has entered the outer edge of our system. Initial studies of its chemical components has led to the speculation that it may be a previously unknown lifeform. Meanwhile, Uranus is reported to be growing smaller.
  • Thanks to unmanned rovers, the legendary canals of Mars were recently discovered to be still "under construction."  Microscopic androids appear to be digging these canals, which are deepening at the rate of one half inch per year. What intelligent life is building the canals, and to what end, is not yet known.



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