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A mutiny is when survivors leave the safety of the Security Room or Fortune City Emergency Shelter for a reason such as someone complaining about the lack of food, someone complaining that the helicopter will not come, a survivor says that the protagonist is a criminal, or if one of the survivors is giving others some trouble.

Dead Rising[]

Ronald's Appetite[]

On the second day in the evening, Frank West receives a call from Otis Washington about Ronald Shiner trying to rally up everyone to go back into the mall and hunt for food. If Frank doesn't get there on time, everyone in the room with Ronald will leave and their status will appear as "Lost" in Frank's Notebook.

Kindell's Betrayal[]

On the third day, Frank receives a call about Kindell Johnson planning on leaving with those in the room with him to find an escape. They plan on gathering some weapons and hotwiring cars from the parking lot to escape. If Frank doesn't get there on time, everyone in the room with Kindell will leave and their status will appear as "Lost" in Frank's Notebook.

Dead Rising 2[]

Stuart's Scheme[]

Stuart Holmes will call Chuck Greene to the Emergency Shelter asking to talk to him. He will blame Chuck for the outbreak and Chuck will simply need to talk him out of the mutiny. Though the conversation is lengthy, all that needs to be done is simply keep talking to him. Eventually, he will apologize for his accusations, and the mutiny will be averted. Chuck will receive a PP bonus for this action.

If Chuck does not show up, then Stuart will gather an indeterminate number of survivors and leave, causing them to be lost in the final Survivor Tally. This can be especially harmful if players are trying to gather 50 survivors for the "Hero of Fortune City" Achievement/Trophy. At some point after exiting the Emergency Shelter, Stuart will be randomly in the area just outside the ventilation shaft where you exit and become hostile towards Chuck. As for what happens to everyone that he takes from the safe house, is unknown.

Off the Record[]

Snake in the Grass[]

Stacey Forsythe will call Frank warning him that Richard Kelly has begun harassing the women in the Emergency Shelter. After being scolded by Frank for his behavior, Richard warns that he needs a magazine from Hot Excitorama to relieve his "needs", or else he won't be able to restrain himself. Frank must placate Richard with an Erotic Magazine, or else many of the female survivors will flee into Fortune City to escape from Richard.