Nathan Crabbe
Dead rising nathan
Age 41
Notebook Number 62
Notebook Description Was held prisoner by the raincoat cult.
Health 5,000
Weapon Ceremonial Sword (Infinity Mode)
Location Colby's Movieland (72 Hour Mode)

Rooftop (Infinity Mode)

Scoop(s) A Strange Group
Ronald's Appetite
PP 25,000 (Join)

50,000 (Escort)

Dead Rising
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"I bet someone could make a great movie about all this. What do you think?"
—Nathan, upon reaching Security Room

Nathan Crabbe is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

He is found in Colby's Movieland during the scoop A Strange Group. He is one of the victims being held captive by the True Eye cult.

He can be rescued after Sean Kenanan's defeat.

A Strange GroupEdit

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Nathan has been captured by the True Eye cult and is about to be sacrificed by Sean Keanan, leader of the cult, when Frank arrives to their rescue.

After Sean is killed, Frank frees Nathan and the four other hostages. He then convinces them to follow him back to the Security Room.

Ronald's AppetiteEdit

Main article: Ronald's Appetite

After being rescued, he will wait in the room with the blue door. When Ronald Shiner complains about the lack of food, he rallies up the other survivors in the same room, including Nathan, to head out and look for food.

If Frank does not stop Ronald's mutiny, Nathan will leave the Security Room along with the other survivors in the same room. They will no longer count towards the number of rescued survivors.

Infinity ModeEdit

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In Infinity Mode, Nathan appears at the Rooftop from 5:07:00 to 5:19:00 and is armed with Ceremonial Sword. In his equipment he carries Pie, Machete, Lead Pipe, Fire Ax and Sledgehammer.


  • During the cutscene in A Strange Group, Nathan is shown seated in the same row as Ray or at least close to the other survivors, but during actual gameplay, he is in the back of the theater, on a separate seating platform.


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