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Nixerix Nixerix 28 April 2014

Wikia Update 04/27/14

I thought it was due time to bring another update to the active editors here on the wikia just to talk about a few things that have happened since the merge for those interested.

  • All of the content from the other dead rising wikia has now been imported which included all of their pages and pictures. We didn't get their videos for some odd reason, but our video library has remained intact. Any imported article will have PAGENAME/import as the title, with an import tag on the page, to make it easier for us to merge the two articles together. During the initial merge, there was confusion with the wikia staff and the imported pages were imported as DRW PAGENAME. This has been fixed however.
  • If you see a page that you don't think we don't need (such as IP Address user pages from anonymous users), please mark it as a candidate for deletion. Because I am the only active admin, I'm the only one who can delete pages, but I have been working hard at getting this place cleaned up and have deleted …

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Nixerix Nixerix 12 March 2014

Dead Rising Wikia Current News/Updates

It's been awhile since I've posted any kind of blog, and I feel that I should be trying to keep the current editors 'in the loop' so to speak about what's happening on the wikia, and to ask your opinions about how the wikia is run. There are a few things I'd like to bring to everybody's attention.

  • 1 Rollback
  • 2 Merge
    • 2.1 Style
  • 3 Dead Rising 3 DLC
  • 4 In Closing

I recently gave rollback rights to Alockwood1. This will be greatly helpful to all users on wikia, as he is able to patrol for any spammers or counter productive edits if I'm not around. This will allow us to keep the wikia cleaner. :)

The users who originally worked on/founded the wikia eventually left to a different site, but have now decided to come back to wikia. The owner of the other website is no longer an active editor, and left me (largely) to decide what information we would like moved over, and what we would like to do in terms of merging. I've tried to contact the admins on the site, but they have not responded and it looks abando…

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Nixerix Nixerix 17 September 2013

Adoption of this wiki.

As I have come to find out by editing on this wiki, there is another active site for users to edit information on Dead Rising, and most of the active editors and admins have moved over to that new site. 

While they strive to make a difference at a different location, it still leaves this wiki somewhat abandoned and in need of an admin or a bureaucrat to make the necessary changes to locked pages, to ban users who are in need of banning and to watch over the other aspects of the wiki. Even if there are two different sources for information pertaining to the same subject, it still stands that there are many wikia users who look to this site for help and assistance. Work needs to be done here as well.

I would like to take the opportunity to adopt the wiki myself. Wikia will not allow me to do this without some sort of community support. I am passionate about wikia as a valuable site of information, and am an admin of two other wikias. I have knowledge and the ability to improve this wikia …

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George Foster George Foster 12 April 2011

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record announced

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record features Frank West in place of Chuck Greene in the Fortune City outbreak reamagining the whole game. It is not DLC and is scheduled to be released this Fall.

For more info, check out the Dead Rising 2: Off the Record article and the preview at Destructoid.

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DaNASCAT DaNASCAT 1 January 2011

Welcome the New Admin Team!!!

Well folks, a New Year is upon us and a new admin team has stepped up to take care of this wiki moving forward. So please help me welcome:

  • Dengarde
  • NT92
  • Nickjaro

as your new admins!!

Please go to them with any questions about this wiki and the best to you all! daNASCAT 22:27, January 1, 2011 (UTC)

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DaNASCAT DaNASCAT 30 December 2010

Community Looking for New Admins

Hey all, with the original administration team moving on, would like to see if any of the other members of this community are interested in becoming administrators and bureaucrats on this wiki. We would love to see some passionate users pick up this community and continue to move it forward. If you are interested, please reply to this forum post or write on my talk page.

If there is strong interest, we may hold elections, but if you have clearly shown a history of constructively editing this site, you definitely may reach express consideration. Let me know and hope you all are enjoying your holiday season! --daNASCAT 17:10, December 31, 2010 (UTC)

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Jax-Kenobi Jax-Kenobi 22 December 2010

We have moved.

Everyone, we have moved. The new wiki is still new, and there's a to do list, but with Case West coming soon we need to get everyone over there before then. Thanks. I've posted a few notifications besides this one so you can't miss them. Make sure you read the to do list and ask Anno1404 if you need help know exactly what to do. If you had user rights (admin, rollback etc.) that are gone when you recreate your account at the new site, let me know and I'll give them back. Thanks. Jax-Kenobi 01:11, December 22, 2010 (UTC)

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Dengarde Dengarde 14 December 2010

Capcom-Unity to Livestream Case West

For their "Winter Week of Livestreaming" event, Capcom-Unity will me streaming Dead Rising 2: Case West at 2:30 PM (PST), today, December 14th 2010.

More details to come.

Source: Capcom Unity

Edit: The stream has come and gone, but FEAR NOT, as it has been recorded!

Click Here for the stream in it's entirity.

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Dengarde Dengarde 13 December 2010

Dead Rising Case West: Priced and dated!

Dead Rising 2: Case West, which will allow players to play co-op as Chuck Greene and Frank West on the Xbox 360, will be available on December 27th, just in time for the holidays! The standalone game (you won't need to have purchased Dead Rising 2 but it'd be nice if you did) will cost 800 MS Points. More from the official blast:

Exclusive to Xbox LIVE Chuck is joined by Dead Rising’s very own Frank West as the two infiltrate the Phenotrans Facility in an attempt to uncover the company’s murky dealings.

With all new content, new combo weapons to create, new enemies to test them on and the return of the ability to capture those magic moments on camera, Dead Rising 2: CASE WEST continues the Dead Rising 2 experience in both single and co-op play.

Source: Capcom Unity

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Dengarde Dengarde 9 December 2010

Dead Rising: Now available on the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Capcom brings you Dead Rising for the iPhone and iPod touch, because nothing says holiday cheer like carving up a zombie with a chainsaw.

Like the console game, you play as Frank West, a freelance photojournalist on the hunt for the scoop of a lifetime. Utilizing makeshift weapons scavenged from the stores and displays, you battle against waves of zombies in the hopes of surviving and making you way to freedom.

Zombie hunters the world over know that nothing gives you the munchies like fighting off a flesh-starved undead maw. Dead Rising therefore includes a game mechanic that requires the player to scavenge for mall food to stay alive.

Finally, just because it’s a zombie apocalypse doesn’t mean you can’t be social. When you die in the game you’ll have the opportunity to send out a distress call via Facebook or Twitter to your friends. If you’re revived, you and your rescuers will receive a bonus. However, if you die, you’ll rise as a powerfu…

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DynasticAnthony DynasticAnthony 30 November 2010


The trailer on Youtube

  • Sickletana (unoffical name)
  • B.F.G. and Laser Sword combo
  • Hazard Unit, a possible (although very likely) psychopath. (Better have kickass boss music. Like Randy's or Antoine's.
  • Water gun combo
  • Phenotrans Location.
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Dengarde Dengarde 30 November 2010

Case West: Scheduled for release in mid December

Following on from the success of Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Dead Rising 2: CASE WEST will extend the zombie slaying antics of Dead Rising 2 by delivering brand new content and the return of a familiar face. Intrepid photojournalist and star of the original Dead Rising, Frank West, is back from covering wars and arrives in Fortune City to investigate Phenotrans and find proof of its involvement with the zombie outbreaks.

Set immediately after the events of Dead Rising 2 and available exclusively on Xbox LIVE, Dead Rising 2: CASE WEST sees Frank team up with Chuck Greene for some serious co-op action as the pair embarks on a brand new case set in the Phenotrans Facility on the outskirts of Fortune City.

Here Chuck and Frank will face new challenges and new enemies but will also have access to new weapons, items and the ability to create a number of new Combo weapons such as the janitor’s favourite, the ‘Zap & Shine’ and the ominous sounding ‘Reaper’. Just as in the full game, players will …

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Mistertrouble189 Mistertrouble189 18 November 2010

Capcom COO speaks of Dead Rising 3

So, seems like Dead Rising 3 is (edit: possibly) official.

Read this.


"Being careful not to confirm any story details, Capcom COO David Reeves told CVG that more digital releases are almost a dead cert - and will "bridge a link" between Case Zero and Dead Rising 3.
"Obviously, with all of that success on Dead Rising 2, it makes sense to move onto Dead Rising 3," said Reeves. "I think that they [developer Blue Castle Games] may extend it by bringing in new characters and new interactions, or bring back others from before." --Taken from here

Also good to know - DR2 has sold over 4 million copies in less than two months. GREAT SUCCESS.

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DynasticAnthony DynasticAnthony 10 November 2010

Vote for Dead Rising in GameFAQS Game of the Decade Contest!!!

Vote for Dead Rising in GameFAQS Game of the Decade contest! As of now, DR is in the lead against "The World Ends With You." Here:

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Dengarde Dengarde 4 November 2010

Still waiting for your pre-order codes from Amazon?

Welp! You'll be waiitng a looooooooong time.

Amazon has officially reported that, for unknown reasons, the release of the Servbot Head and Ijiek Jacket items for your Xbox 360 avatar have been delayed. Indefinatly. No reason was ever given as to why. Originally, Amazon offered $10 store credit for the initial delay.

However, due to the cancelation of this pre-order bonus, those who pre-ordered the Xbox 360 version of Dead Rising 2 from Amazon should have now received an e-mail offering ANOTHER $10 in store credit and 50% discount on Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds for your trouble.

I do not beleive this affects anyone who pre-ordered the PS3 or PC versions of the game.

Source: Game Informer


I just have to point this out: Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (Xbox) is currently 57.99 on Amazon.

That %50 off deal will take the price down to $28.99.

Add the store credit you also got: $18.99.

Add that other $10 store credit: $8.99

Add the $10 credit you got for pre-ordering MvC3 on Amazon anyways: -$1…

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Dengarde Dengarde 3 November 2010

Transmission from Case West!


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Source: Capcom Unity

P.S. Yes, it's supposed t…

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George Foster George Foster 29 October 2010

Keiji Inafune Leaves Capcom

Today the man who worked on the Dead Rising series Keiji Inafune has announced his leaving of Capcom this is what he had to say:

“I’m leaving Capcom with the intention of starting my life over. People that really know me can see where I’m coming from. I’m not a regular dude. It’s probably because I’m strange.

Its a shame to hear that he is going don't you think? Does this mean that Dead Rising 3 may not happen!?
Source: Kotaku

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Mistertrouble189 Mistertrouble189 14 October 2010

DR3 - possible?

So, I forget where, but didn't Keiji say he'd make DR3 if sales were awesome and such, like over a million units? I know DR1 sold 1 million units by end of 2006 after its release (according to a source on wikipedia).

According to this, released by Capcom, DR2 sold 2 million units so far. Pretty good, compared to the other games released.

This is a positive image right? Less than a month and 2 million units sold. DR3 is a possibility?

EDIT: Disregard the last source as that was just a "sales projection" wow completely wrong thing haha...but GOOD NEWS, they sold 2 million in a month, not 3 haha.

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Jax-Kenobi Jax-Kenobi 14 October 2010

The Infection is back, you know...

So, does anyone remember this? Because if you were a part of it we'd love for you to come back and find your last update, and pick it up from there! Really, it gets updated every few days, and DG even shows up sometimes. So, if you were part of it then you should go back to it. Thanks. Frank-West 12:37, October 14, 2010 (UTC)

NOTE: Added this to news category since it's pretty much wiki news. Although it's been back for a while now. ANYWAY point is it's in the news category. Feel free to remove it you must.

NOTE 2: When someone says "Kai" they mean CrackLawliet. Just so you guys know.

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Jax-Kenobi Jax-Kenobi 28 September 2010

Dead Rising 2 Released in America

That's right, Dead Rising 2 is FINALLY out in America! After over 9000 delays, it's finally here. I'm getting my copy at about 6 this afternoon, pre-ordered it. Have fun slaying the horde! Feel free to add more to this post.

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DynasticAnthony DynasticAnthony 22 September 2010

Dead Rising 2: Case West Interview

Basically saying, they're making it as fast as they can and as awesome as they can. Bit more info.

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Dengarde Dengarde 21 September 2010

Dead Rising 2 Offical Launch Trailer

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DynasticAnthony DynasticAnthony 15 September 2010


On September 15th, Capcom announced a second downloadable episode titled "Case West". The Xbox 360 exclusive features the return of Frank West, the hero of the previous Dead Rising, in a new story that occurs shortly after the events of Dead Rising 2. Frank must team up with Chuck Greene, the protagonist of Dead Rising 2, in order to stop an unknown zombie threat and clear Chuck's name of any involvement. The episode includes a co-op feature allowing 2 players to complete the game as each character. "Case West" is expected to be released shortly after Dead Rising 2 on September 28th.

This pretty much confirms it's coming in October. Possibly for 400 points? or 800? Hell I'll buy it for 1200.

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Mistertrouble189 Mistertrouble189 15 September 2010


KEA BRAND NED DLC GAME HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED! Dead Rising 2: Case West! This is the epilogue game to the DR2 aspect of the series.

Capcom just announced at TGS that the Dead Rising 2: Case Zero prologue sold over 500,000 copies in under 2 weeks. With that knowledge, one can understand why they'd do an epilogue such as: Dead Rising 2: Case West.

Keiji Inafune revealed that the DLC will take place after the events of Dead Rising 2 and feature Frank West (of the original Dead Rising) working with latest protaganist Chuck Greene. Inafune concluded, "Apologies to PS3 fans, but this too will be an Xbox 360 exclusive." We'll update as we learn more.

See source.


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Dengarde Dengarde 11 September 2010

It's called "Samurai: Dead Rising"

Original Article from Kotaku

And it's like zombie horror game Dead Rising, but with a samurai.

Samurai Dead Rising is an online anime collaboration between Capcom and famed Japanese illustrator and character designer Norio Shioyama to promote Dead Rising 2. Shioyama did the drawings and animation himself (you know, instead of having his assistant do it!).

This is the first of what looks to be a series of online videos.

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Neo Deus Neo Deus 10 September 2010

Is Frank West in DR2?!

Johnny Pipes has written a new blog post, which may hint at the possibility of Frank West being in Dead Rising 2. While it doesn't come out and say anything, there are a few things that would seem to tease at it.

  1. The post has to do with a camera (okay, a phone camera, but let's roll with it).
  2. JP says "Fantastic" at one point.
  3. When thinking of names of the mystery person, he considers both "Phil" and "Floyd", both of which start with the same F sound as Frank.
  4. The main reason is this picture:

Check out the guy on the right of Chuck. That could just be a co-op player wearing a dark jacket and everything, but it seems a little suspect to me. That was Frank's outfit, after all.

Now, I didn't really like Frank much as a character, but still, if he's somehow involved in Dead Rising 2, that's pretty significant. But maybe I'm reading too much into it. What do you guys think?

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JoePlay JoePlay 8 September 2010

Dead Rising 2: Case 0 sells over 300,000 in first week

According to GamerBytes, more than 328,000 people have purchased Case 0 in its first week of availability.

"As of now the Leaderboards show that over 328,290 players have given Case 0 a go, and that's in less than 7 days -- an amazing feat. Money wise, assuming Microsoft take a 30% cut on the game, Capcom could well have made $1,149,015 off of it for this week alone."

So how many of you guys have already got it? At only $5, it was practically an automatic buy for me. The combo weapons are a lot of fun, and I really like zombie bowling too (using the bowling ball as a weapon).

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Mistertrouble189 Mistertrouble189 7 September 2010

Replacing the Resident Evil franchise?

Keiji Inafune wants to replace Resident Evil with Dead Rising?!? SOUNDS GOOD.

Read this

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Mistertrouble189 Mistertrouble189 31 August 2010

Save the TIOD bloggers!

Save the Tape it or Die bloggers if you can! They're trying to find other survivors but no luck...they're in a studio in a sports merchandise store...if you can, save them!

Read a message from Gretchen.

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Jakeinator Jakeinator 31 August 2010

Dead Rising: Case Zero Released in America

Some other Countries may also got it but I know that America has it.

It's only 400 Gamer Points on XBox Live, what are you waiting for? Buy the bloody thing!

Source: XBox Live

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VaultGuru VaultGuru 30 August 2010

Case Zero DELAYED in Japan

Case Zero delayed due to content

Capcom does it again! Case Zero has been delayed to an unannounced date in Japan. The English release is still being released on its regular release date.. for now.

Source(s): justpushstart - Joystiq

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Sumtaedium Sumtaedium 29 August 2010

1,000 articles!

Happy 1,000th article, Dead rising Wiki. :P

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Ash Crimson Ash Crimson 28 August 2010

DR Wiki limited edition achievement sets!

To encourage users to edit certain areas of the site we've made a limited edition set of achievements. To earn these achievements you must edit pages found in the Odd Jobs category, and the Dead Rising Weapons category.

The pages should be formatted like these:

  • Odd Jobs
  • DR weapons

I guess this will go on until September 15th. After that I'll disable the achievements. Please don't make useless edits on those pages for the sake of earning achievements. If we see you doing that you'll probably get in trouble >,>

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Dengarde Dengarde 27 August 2010

Dead Rising 2: High Stakes Edition, available for pre-order NOW

Capcom has just announced another special edition for both version of Dead Rising 2! From the original post at Capcom-Unity"

We know that you have many options when it comes to purchasing Dead Rising 2, but we wanted to offer a special edition exclusively via the Capcom Store. We're very proud to announce the Dead Rising 2: High Stakes Edition! We're taking advantage of Dead Rising 2's setting and going all out with this Fortune City-flavored edition!

The special edition includes a high end Fortune City poker set, the unique 'Psycho' skills pack DLC, an awesome Fortune City Visitor Map that unfolds to a larger size like a real tourist map, and a chance to win a giant six feet tall zombie replica!!! Check out the full list of items and details after the jump!

Pre-order now for guaranteed delivery on release date.

Hit the jump for the full press blast, details, and more!

Players that like their stakes high will love the new collectible Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Edition that includes the full …

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Dengarde Dengarde 18 August 2010

The official Zombrex site has gone live!

Check it out by clicking..


Wait for it...



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Dengarde Dengarde 12 August 2010

Be featured in the next Dead Rising game!!!

Alright folks, heres the situation!

Our favorite Tape it or Die characters, Johnny, Lance, Gretchen, and Wallace are currently stuck in the middle of Fortune City, surrounded by a bunch of zombies. OH NO!!!

Well, Thats where we come in! Using the "Submit Weapon" feature, which just opened on, We need to submit any weapon idea we can using whatever we have lying around and a roll of Duct tape! Now only will we be helping our friends stay alive, BUT, whoever submits the best weapon idea will NOT ONLY have that weapon actually made, but they will also be featured in what could possibly be Dead Rising 3! Not only that, but your actual person will also be features as a survivor!


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Mistertrouble189 Mistertrouble189 11 August 2010

TiR begins tomorrow!

If you haven't bought your plane tickets, booked a room one of Fortune City's hotels or reserved a seat in the arena, you may want to do so asap, because this month's Terror is Reality starts tomorrow!

The four bloggers of Tape it or Die will be blogging about the event so be sure to keep up with the news!

Get excited!

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Dengarde Dengarde 11 August 2010

European release date for Dead Rising 2 pushed FORWARD to September 24th.

According to Capcom-Europe.

The North American and Japanese release dates remain fixed at September 28th and September 30th.

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VaultGuru VaultGuru 10 August 2010

Dead Rising 2 PS3 Trophies revealed!

The trophies for Dead Rising 2 have been revealed!

From the looks of it, there's gonna be a new zombie type and an overtime mode. Also note that the trophy tiles have not yet been revealed.

Source: PS3Trophies

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Dengarde Dengarde 4 August 2010

First three episodes of Dead Rising Sun released!

The first three episodes of Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun have been released on today (They will be released on on the 11th). You kind find them in the Dead Rising 2 section of the gaming marketplace.

Check them out and tell us what you think!

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Mistertrouble189 Mistertrouble189 3 August 2010

Case Zero Achievements

Case Zero achievements released!

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Dengarde Dengarde 30 July 2010

All pre-order bonuses revealed.

Hey guys! Capcom Unity just gave us some info on EVERY pre-order bonus out there. We already know of two, But what of this new one?!

  • 1 Gamestop
    • 1.1 The Ninja Theme pack!
  • 2
  • 3 Best Buy
    • 3.1 The Sports Fan skill pack!

The pack includes 4 pieces of Ninja clothing. When Chuck wears just one piece of the outfit, it unlocks new abilities in Chuck associated with the Ninja theme. When all 4 pieces of the outfit are worn, additional Ninja-like animations are also unlocked! Theme Pack does not include sword. Available online and in-store while supplies last.

Amazon two different pre-orders for both versions of the game. The Xbox version will get the Ijiek jacket and the servebot head for their avatars, while the Playstation 3 version will get a new theme!

And now, Best Buy will be offering their own bonus as well!

Pre-order Dead Rising 2 for Xbox 360 or PS3, and you'll be able to unlock this sporty outfit, which not only shows off Chuck’s team spirit, but also grants him new abilities:

Increased Po…

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Mistertrouble189 Mistertrouble189 22 July 2010

Information on Frank West's whereabouts!!


Sorry folks, looks like Frank West will not be appearing in Dead Rising 2...

At the Comic-Con, they said that "Frank West is "taking a little break from Dead Rising" and won't be in the new game." [1]

BUT...could this mean he will appear in a future game...such as DEAD RISING 3?!


and yet he complained that his belly was not full...

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Ciwey Ciwey 22 July 2010

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Release Date and Price

According to the live blog at

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero will be released on August 31, and will be sold for the price of 400 MS.

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Dengarde Dengarde 22 July 2010

Dead Rising 2 Official site launched

Check it out:

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Mistertrouble189 Mistertrouble189 21 July 2010

Plethora of new information!

Capcom released their Fortune City website and it's filled with tons of information, including a handful of images!

This gives us an opportunity to create and edit a bunch of pages and begin working on adding content to categories and updating templates and such for DR2.

Check out how I added info to Fortune City Hotel. Looks good?

Feel free to start adding info/making pages and the rest of the community will help out!


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Dengarde Dengarde 20 July 2010

Case Zero: Pricing semi-revealed.

I say "Semi" since it's not completely confirmed.

According to this article, Case Zero, set to be released about once month before Dead Rising 2, will be priced at 500 Yen for the Japanese market. For the U.S., that lies a little over five dollars, so the English cost will possibly be $5 or $10, (400 or 800 Microsoft Points).

Also: The game will work as any other arcade title. It will serve as the demo for Dead Rising 2, meaning you can play a portion of the game for free. However, you must pay to get the game in it entirety. It is unknown whether or not that means Case Zero's achivements will be locked until purchase, or if you can get them right away.

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Mistertrouble189 Mistertrouble189 18 July 2010

Case Zero coming soon?

If you log into your Xbox, the first thing you should see is Case Zero! It's on the first slot for the Spotlight. There's a short video for it, check it out. Could this be a sign that Case Zero is coming out in a few weeks?

Would they actually keep it there until late August/early September, which is when some people believe it will be out?

Who knows!

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Dengarde Dengarde 15 July 2010

Dead Rising Sun release dates announced

Original Article at Capcom Unity | style="text-align: center;"|8 | style="text-align: center;"|Xbox Live |- | style="text-align: center;"|September 1 | style="text-align: center;"|8 | style="text-align: center;"| |}

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Dengarde Dengarde 15 July 2010

Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Edition annouced for North America

Original Article at Capcom Unity

Exclusive for North America, we're very happy to announce the Dead Rising 2 Zombrex edition which will be available on day one of launch on September 28, 2010! Xbox 360 and PS3 owners can get the Zombrex Edition for $79.99.

Enclosed in a two-disc Steelbook case with its own special pack front, the Dead Rising 2—Zombrex Edition will include cool collectible items and content that will dig deep into the Dead Rising 2 experience.

Hit the jump for full details! Available for both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, there are some variations between the two editions. For the full list of content, see below:

PS3 Dead Rising 2 – Zombrex Edition
- Exclusive Two-Disc Steelbook case includes:
- Dead Rising 2 game disc
- Blu-Ray Disc featuring a High-Definition 24 minute “Making of” featurette
- Complete box contents include:
- Steelbook case (described above)
- Zombrex “Syringe” pen
- Zombrex “Prescription” notepad (25 pages)
- Zombrex “Safety” card
- Zombrex “Prospectus” Sa…

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