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"I'm getting the hell out of this city, I'm taking my friends with me."
—Nick Ramos

Nick Ramos is the protagonist of Dead Rising 3.

Nick is a mechanic who works for Wrench-O-Rama in the fictional city of Los Perdidos. He was an orphan and has no recollection of his early childhood years. He has a mysterious, unknown past. One of the few things he remembers was that he always had a tattoo of the number 12 on the right side of his neck. [2]

He, along with other survivors, seeks a means to escape Los Perdidos before it is firebombed by the military.[3][4] Nick travels with his boss and owner of Wrench-O-Rama Rhonda Kreske and truck driver Dick Baker throughout the city in a combined effort to escape Los Perdidos within the six day time limit, before the bombing announced by Secretary of Defense; John Hemlock is set to occur. During the course of the game, it is discovered Nick is naturally immune or resistant to the zombie infection, as shown by a bite wound healing instead of festering.

As the youngest Dead Rising protagonist so far, Nick grows as a person as the story develops. Coming off as a naïve and somewhat cowardly young man, who has difficulties formulating plans in the beginning stages of the outbreak. His intentions, however, are always good: often putting other people's thoughts and needs before his own. Nick begins to develop a sense of purpose as he fights for survival and the family trying times has brought to him during recent events in Los Perdidos.

Unlike Chuck Greene, Nick has the ability to make combo weapons on the spot without the use of a workbench.[5]

He has a romantic interest in Annie, and at the end of the game, the two begin a relationship.

Prequel Comic[]

Before the outbreak begins, Nick is driving a car to a customer for his job. He meets a young woman named Annie, who he believes at first to be another customer. While initially attempting to flirt with her, he soon realizes that she is actually stealing the car, and chases after her. But before he can reacquire the in transit vehicle, they are both swarmed by a sudden horde of zombies. They manage to work together to escape, before running into another survivor, a truck driver named Dick, who brandishes a Flamethrower, with the three attempting to leave the city.

They are dismayed to find a Zombie Defense and Control team stationed at a quarantine outpost, more so by the fact that they're not there to evacuate survivors. Moreover; in spite of being well aware of everything that's been going on, given their considerable surveillance network monitoring everything, that they are more concerned with keeping people in instead of getting them out.

After beating a hasty exit when tensions rise as questions are asked by the shady establishment flunkies. It is at this time when everyone realizes that a full scale outbreak has begun, and the government has already quarantined the city while Nick, Dick and Annie dodge military choppers that're firing on unarmed civilians, infected or not. During their prior conversation with the ZDC, Annie also revealed herself to be one of the illegally infected given how much she knows. They meet up with Nick's boss Rhonda and attempt to find shelter in an adjacent diner.

Dead Rising 3[]

Main article: Story Mode (Dead Rising 3)

During the events of Dead Rising 3, Nick attempts escape the city with a group of survivors before the military deploys a large incendiary bomb, destroying all organic life in the city. All while uncovering a conspiracy taking advantage of the calamity secretly initiated behind the scene. The bomb is to be deployed in 6 days from the game's beginning.

Nick and Rhonda work together to rebuild an old military plane so that they can use it to evacuate before the doomed Los Perdidos is burned clean. It is later revealed by Isabela Keyes that he is one of Carlito's orphans from the Santa Cabeza outbreak, known as "number 12", and his blood contains the cure for the parasitic infection.


  • Nick is the only protagonist to have only survived one major outbreak. Both Frank West and Chuck Greene lead him by three to four major outbreaks, Frank West has survived the 2006 Willamette outbreak, the 2011 Fortune City outbreak (Case West), and the 2022 Willamette outbreak. While Chuck Greene has survived the 2008 Las Vegas Outbreak, the 2011 Fortune City outbreak, and the 2021 Los Perdidos outbreak (The Still Creek & Phenotrans Facility outbreak are technically minor outbreaks).
  • Nick is the first Latino protagonist in the Dead Rising series, which subsequently makes him the Dead Rising series' first non-Caucasian protagonist as well.
  • Nick is the twelfth of Carlito's Orphans, yet the twelfth orphan on the list found in Dead Rising is a female by the name of Lisa Jackson. It could be a retcon.
  • Nick is the first protagonist who does not wear a watch.
  • Nick's first name ends with a "K", like the other main protagonists from Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2.
  • Nick has a spade-shaped patch on his coveralls sleeve which reads "Terror Is Reality", a reference to the game show from Dead Rising 2.
    • The same patch also says "Ijiek Racing", similar to Chuck Greene's jacket. This is a reference to the series creator, Keiji Inafune.
  • Nick is the youngest playable protagonist in the series.
  • Judging by Isabela's story of the orphans, Nick's father was in the US military and his mother was a native to Santa Cabeza.
  • Nick's signature weapon is the Sledge Saw.
  • Nick was originally named Mack before becoming Nick.
  • Nick and Annie are the only two characters to kiss in the entirety (of the video games installments) of the Dead Rising series so far, save Chuck Greene and his wife in Dead Rising: Road to Fortune.
  • In the cinematic trailer, Nick does not have the number 12 tattoo.



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