Noah Hawthorne
Dead rising noah bust 2
Age 77
Notebook Number 077
Notebook Description Was seen during the Fortune City outbreak.
Location Fortune City Arena
Killed By Zombies

Noah Hawthorne is a victim in Dead Rising 2. He was killed in the Fortune City Arena where the outbreak originated. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.


Noah attended the Terror is Reality show at the Fortune City Arena and was seen in the backstage area, banging on a locked gate with Jenny Slaten. He was killed by zombies before he could escape.


  • A man with the same character model as Noah can be seen being attacked by a zombie as the infected spectator lunges for Chuck in the Arena.
  • He has the same last name as Tad Hawthorne, a survivor in the original Dead Rising.
  • Noah's notebook picture as well as his character model in-game looks very much like Stan Lee, creator of many Marvel Comics characters.
  • Noah is a re-colored version of Kenneth Walsh with sunglasses and a different shirt.


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