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The Horse Mask is a weapon and clothing in Dead Rising.

As a weapon, the mask can be slammed onto a zombie's head, blinding and incapacitating it.

As clothing, Frank wears the mask for comic effect.


  • Primary: Tap the X button button to place the novelty mask on a zombies' head.
  • Secondary: Hold down the X button button to swing the novelty mask.
  • Thrown: Hold down the Right trigger trigger to go into aim mode then press the X button button to throw the novelty mask.


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The following Dead Rising Weapons incapacitate but do not kill zombies:

1. Dead rising Bucket Bucket
2. Dead rising Hanger Hanger
3. Dead rising Hunk of Meat Hunk of Meat
4. Dead rising Novelty Mask (Bear) Novelty Mask (Bear)
5. Dead rising Novelty Mask (Ghoul) Novelty Mask (Ghoul)
6. Dead rising Novelty Mask (Horse) Novelty Mask (Horse)
7. Dead rising Novelty Mask (Servbot) Novelty Mask (Servbot)
8. Dead rising Painting Painting
9. Dead rising Pie Pie
10. Dead rising Pylon Pylon (traffic cone)
11. Dead rising Skylight Skylight
12. Dead rising Shampoo Shampoo
13. Dead rising Smokestack Smokestack


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