Nut Blaster

The Nut Blaster is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 4.

When the weapon has been created, Frank wears the nutcracker like a mask. When the weapon is being fired, it plays nutcracker music.

It works similar to how a mini-gun operates, although this is a smaller and more portable version. Ammunition is strapped around the chin and face of the mask. Projectiles fire out of the small mounted chambers on the forehead of the mask, while the crank on the right side of the mask is turned to feed ammunition for firing.


  • Hold Ltrigger while the Nut Blaster is equipped (Frank can be seen wearing it) to aim the weapon. Use Righttrigger to fire the weapon.
  • To fire without aiming, Righttrigger can be pressed or held to fire the weapon quickly. If this attack is used, Frank can still move relatively quickly while clearing a crowd in front of him.


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