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Odd Jobs is an extra game mode found exclusively in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. The game is unlocked after completing the main game and can be found in the Extras menu.


Otis Washington gives Frank West a random assortment of tasks to complete around the mall. Frank is given a set of equipment and a unique costume to complete these tasks. All missions are graded with a rank of C to S. These tasks are non-canonical to the Dead Rising storyline. However, they make great practice for less experienced players.

List of jobs[]


Objective: Kill all 10 zombies in the elevator.
Objective: Kill 11 zombies in the Cultists' Hideout using soccer balls.
Objective: Run over 300 zombies in the Maintenance Tunnel.
Objective: Kill 50 zombies using hand-to-hand combat.


Objective: Kill all the giant zombies.
Objective: Race to the finish while running away from zombies.
Objective: Stay alive until time runs out.
Objective: Kill all the Zombie Jos while protecting the survivors.
Objective: Kill all the zombified animals.


Objective: Defeat all the enemies in the Meat Processing Area (zombie Jo x3, Larry Chiang).
Objective: Kill the speed-enhanced zombies.
Objective: Collect all of the bombs.
Objective: Kill the invisible zombies
Objective: Kill 100 zombies before time runs out.
Objective: Kill all the cultists and their leader.
Objective: Take out all the crawling zombies.


Objective: Take out the patrolling helicopter drones.
Objective: Take out the psychopaths (Carlito Keyes(sniper), Sean Keanan).
Objective: Take out the four snipers (the Hall Family, Carlito Keyes(sniper)).
Objective: Take out the Special Forces, the Cult, and their leaders (Brock Mason, Sean Keanan).


Objective: Take out the five clowns.
Objective: Take out all the psychopaths without using any healing items.


Frank will be rewarded with the Pro Wrestling Boots when he clears all the missions, the Pro Wrestling Briefs if he completes all missions with an A rank, and the Laser Sword if he completes all the missions with the S rank.