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Frank West gains new skills as he levels up in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Skill Dead Rising Skill Description Xbox PS PC
Celebrate Celebrate for the sake of it. Watch out! It attracts zombies. If Frank and Chuck get close to each other in a co-op game, they will do a different animation. Hold Dleft for 4 seconds for full celebration; Can be tapped; Moves Frank or Chuck slightly forward after each button input
Disembowel Star Reach in and rip out the bowels of a target. Great for exploratory surgery. To the front of a zombie, hold Righttrigger and 360 X button To the front of a zombie, hold
Dead rising dodge roll
Dodge Roll Quickly avoid incoming attacks by rolling in the direction you are facing. You can Dodge Roll in 4 directions: forward, left, right, and backward. If you Dodge Roll backwards, Frank will hop back instead of rolling. Click Left in any direction Click L3 in any direction Left Ctrl in any direction
Double Lariat Star Spin around with fists out, smashing everything around. In Soviet Russia game spins you! Any item held in hand will remain in Frank's hand afterwards. Hold Righttrigger and hold 360 X button
Face Crusher Star Grab the head of a zombie and smash it into the floor. Otis would hate to have to clean this up. Hold Righttrigger and tap Bbutton
Dead rising front kick
Front Kick Focused standing kick attack which knocks a zombie away from you. Hold Righttrigger and tap Abutton if Frank. Hold Righttrigger and tap 360 X button if Chuck Hold R2 and tap X if Frank. Hold Righttrigger and tap Square if Chuck Left Click PC Mouse Left Click while holding Shift.
Giant Swing Star Pick up a downed zombie by its leg and spin it around. Do not get in the way of this spinning dervish of blood, flesh, and undead. Hold Righttrigger and tap Bbutton while standing over a zombie's feet who is laying on the ground All though the game says to hold alt, you must actually hold shift. So, Shift+E over a downed zombie.
Judo Throw Star Quickly escape a rear grapple to give the zombie a toss. Just a taste of Frank's Judo skills. While grabbed wiggle Left quickly While grabbed wiggle L3 quickly While grabbed move the Mouse left and right quickly
Dead rising jump kick
Jump Kick Star A quick way to move around the environment and knock over a zombie in your path. While jumping Abutton tap 360 X button While jumping X tap Square While jumping Space, tap PC Mouse Left Click Left Click
Karate Chop Star A chop to the face with explosive results. Barehanded, hold 360 X button Barehanded, hold Square
Knee Drop Star Frank falls through the air quickly, slamming his knee into enemies below him. Can be used to break falls. While jumping Abutton HOLD Righttrigger and tap 360 X button
Neck Twist Star Twist the head off of a downed zombie. Hold Righttrigger and tap 360 X button while standing over a zombie's head that is on the ground
Dead rising pick up
Pick Up Pick up a nearby zombie and throw at others. Slow moving while carrying zombie. Hold Righttrigger and press and HOLD Bbutton Hold R2 and press and HOLD Circle Hold E while holding Shift
Roundhouse Star A quick kick to knock down zombies. A favorite from Willamette.

Called Roundhouse Kick in Dead Rising

Hold Righttrigger and Abutton
Snapshot Take a picture with your new buddies, zombies! Instantly kills the zombie after getting grabbed by Frank or Chuck. Guarantees 250 PP in the Outtake category. Up close to a zombie, Hold Righttrigger and tap Rbumper
Somersault Kick Star A quick flip kick that takes off a zombie's head in a flash. An all-American favorite. Hold Righttrigger and tap 360 X button
Suplex Star Quickly escape from a front grapple to deliver this devastating suplex. While grabbed wiggle Left quickly While grabbed wiggle L3 quickly While grabbed move the Mouse left and right quickly
Two Hand Smash An airborne attack that will smash through the target. Breaks any fall without getting on the ground and staggering in non-damaging pain unlike Chuck's Double Leg Drop Kick While jumping Abutton hold 360 X button
Wall Kick Star Launch off a wall to deliver a devastating flying kick. While jumping Abutton in the direction of a wall and touching it, quickly move Left in nearly any downward or even left or right direction and tap 360 X button
Zombie Hop Star Climb atop a zombie and hop your way to safety. Can be finicky.

Called a Zombie Ride in Dead Rising.

Near a zombie, HOLD Righttrigger and Abutton. After getting on top of the zombie, tap Abutton in any direction near another zombie's head
Zombie Walk Star Walk like a zombie. Great way to go unnoticed. Barehanded, continuously hold Ltrigger, Righttrigger, and Bbutton for 3 seconds. After "becoming" a zombie, you can release the three aforementioned buttons to move around. If you stop moving, the Zombie Walk ends. You can very slightly move forward, stop, and retain the Zombie Walk


  • Unlike Dead Rising, there is only one variation of the Zombie Walk. Frank or Chuck will talk occasionally, and make noises found from getting grabbed twice without wearing the Psychopath Outfit.
  • Frank's Disembowel, Zombie Ride (Zombie Hop), Zombie Walk, Roundhouse Kick, Face Crusher, Double Lariat, Karate Chop, Kick (Front Kick), Neck Twist, Suplex, Judo Throw, and Giant Swing skills were all changed from their original button inputs found in Dead Rising.
  • Frank's Wall Kick will not prevent fall damage.


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