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"Chuck, you'd better get to Wily Travels in the Royal Flush. There's a guy hiding out in there. Looks like he is bleeding"
Stacey Forsythe
"Frank, you'd better head to Pub 'O Gold in the Silver Strip. There's a guy hiding out in there. Looks like he's bleeding."
—Stacey Forsythe, Off the Record

Once Bitten is a Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record mission in which Jared has been bitten and needs assistance.


Jared came to Fortune City to party and have a good time with some girls. Unfortunately, he was caught up in the outbreak and was bitten by a zombie. Fearing for his life, he fled to the Wily Travels travel agency in the Royal Flush Plaza, creating a barricade in an attempt to keep the zombies at bay. Once found by Chuck, he will beg for Zombrex, afraid to go anywhere else. Once he is given medicine, he will allow Chuck to offer him a shoulder to carry him in order to take him to the Safe House, in hopes of finding some girls at the bunker.

In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Jared can be found at Pub O' Gold on the Silver Strip instead of inside of Wily Travels. He will need to be escorted back to the safe house safely with Frank's help. 

Mission Dialogue[]

Dialogue of the mission in the Off the Record game files. All text may not be actually used in the final game.


  • The title of this mission is a possible reference to a movie in the '80's called "Once Bitten", starring Jim Carrey.
    • The title could also be from the saying "once bitten, twice shy".
  • Like most missions, there are items found in the Once Bitten mission only.[1]

The message screen for this mission in Off the Record states:

GOAL: Help the wounded man
A bleeding man has managed to find temporary safety in Pub O' Gold in the Silver Strip.



  1. These items are listed in the missions.txt file, including:
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