Ornament Gun
DR4 Ornament Gun
Type Combo Weapon
Combine T-Shirt Launcher + Novelty
Location Mad Love Tees

The Ornament Gun is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 4.

The blueprint can be found on the counter of Mad Love Tees inside of the Willamette Memorial Megaplex.

To make this weapon, combine a T-Shirt Launcher and any item in the novelty category. The Fa-la-la-la-lah! combat trial requires 200 kills with this weapon.


  • Press and hold Ltrigger while the gun is equipped to aim the weapon. Use Righttrigger to fire the weapon. It will shoot a colorful display of several Christmas ornaments into a crowd.
  • To fire without aiming, Righttrigger can be pressed to fire the weapon quickly in front of Frank.



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