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"The Space Rider machine in Wonderland Plaza looks like it's out of control. Maybe there's somebody out there. You wanna check it out?"
Otis Washington

Out of Control is a scoop in Dead Rising.

Frank enters Wonderland Plaza on the night of the first day and finds a malfunctioning roller coaster being controlled by a clown, Adam MacIntyre.


Frank West arrives at Wonderland Plaza to find the Space Rider roller coaster malfunctioning at an uncontrollable speed. As he investigates the control panel, a demented clown, Adam MacIntyre, appears with two chainsaws in his hands. He shares his story of how he was an entertainer for the children that came to mall before the outbreak.

When the zombie outbreak at Willamette occurred, Adam went insane after seeing children being killed by zombies. He warns Frank not to stop the Space Rider or the zombies will return, and he then attacks Frank.

After Adam is defeated, he collapses and falls on top of his chainsaws, which kill him. Frank retrieves an ID Card from his body, and is able to use it to stop the Space Rider, freeing Greg Simpson, who has been caught on the ride. Greg then shows him to a secret passageway in the restrooms in Wonderland Plaza, which leads to Paradise Plaza.

Adam's small chainsaw will become available for Frank to use after his death. Frank can pick it up in front of the Space Rider ride, and it will respawn each time Frank enters Wonderland Plaza.


Introducing Adam

Adam's Death

Battle Style[]




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