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Travel through the cave to the Humvee.

Immediately after Frank gives Isabela the tenth queen and Isabela injects Frank with the suppressant, the two travel to the clocktower cave entrance in Leisure Park. Using Isabela's pheromone to keep the zombies at bay, they must navigate through the tunnels and find a way to escape.

Escaping through the tunnels[]

Traversing the clocktower tunnels[]

Dead rising overtime mode cave (2)

Save point

There is a save point at the entrance of the cave.

Dead rising overtime mode cave (38)

Holding hands

As long as Isabela and her pheromones are near Frank, the zombies will not be able to attack them. During this portion of the game, holding onto her hand is the only thing that will keep Frank 100% safe. While Frank can move at a fast pace with Isabela holding his hand, any sudden movements, quick turns, and short drops cause him to let go. Take caution and proceed slowly through this portion of the game, as there is no time limit to worry about.[2]

While in the cave, Isabela cannot be hurt, so don't worry about accidentally killing her. If Frank hits her, all she will do is scold Frank.

The first gate[]

Dead rising overtime mode cave (3)

First gate

Dead rising overtime mode cave (10)

Lifting the gate for Isabela

A gate blocks Frank and Isabela's path up ahead. There is a small access tunnel to the left, but it is only big enough for Isabela to enter. Open the grate and release her hand for her to crawl through, then fend off the zombies with any weapons in the player's inventory until she appears on the other side and opens the gate to let Frank through.[2]

The second gate[]

Dead rising overtime mode cave (37)

Two large blocks

Immediately after the first gate are two large blocks. It is easier simply to walk around them than climb atop the blocks, as Frank will not be holding hands with Isabela when he drops off the block, which opens him up to attack.

Dead rising overtime mode cave (5)

The second gate

Continue to hold hands with Isabela, winding their way through a maze of zombies and obstructions. When Isabela and Frank reach the second gate, locate the door to the right and open it.

Dead rising overtime mode cave (29)

The ladder

The game loads and Frank is now at the bottom of a ladder.

Dead rising overtime mode cave (43)


This second portion of the cave starts out semi-empty, but when the two come up over the pile of boulders, they find that it's full of zombies.

The third gate[]

The third gate requires Isabela to again crawl through another access tunnel to open it from the other side.

The pheromone wears off[]

Dead rising overtime mode cave (35)

Save point

The cave ramps downward. Frank and Isabela climb on a raised platform, which contains another save point.

There is a final gate leading out of the area. On the other side of the gate is a Humvee, but there are also Special Forces soldiers patrolling the perimeter. To make matters worse, the pheromone is wearing off and is now only good for one person. Frank devises a plan to open the gate and let the zombies out, forcing the guards to deal with stream of walking dead while he and Isabela slip by. To do this together, he has to carry Isabela on his back.[2]

Opening the gate[]

Dead rising overtime mode jeep (6)

Moving to the staircase on the left

The gate is straight ahead and the switch to open it can be found at the top of the staircase on the left.

Dead rising overtime mode jeep (11)

Frank climbing the stairs

Dead rising overtime mode jeep (16)

Frank carrying Isabela

Climb up the stairs.

Dead rising overtime mode jeep (12)

Frank pulls the switch

Pull the switch.

Dead rising overtime mode jeep (3)

Climb back down the stairs and quickly make a dash through the open gate and to the Humvee.

Dead rising overtime mode jeep (5)


There are three apples.

Dead rising overtime mode jeep

Humvee without Isabela

Dead rising overtime mode jeep (15)

Humvee with Isabela

Enter the Humvee. Isabela must be near the Humvee to be able to use it. The third and final part of Overtime begins.

Continue to the next article in the walk through, Overtime Mode (Dead Rising)/Final Battle.


  • An echo can be heard inside the cave for sounds such as the camera shutter or Frank's voice when he says "great."
  • If the player leaves Isabela behind when going through the second gate and presses the Y button/Triangle button button, there are three unique audio clips of Frank saying "Hey!" instead of the usual "Hello?" or "Anyone there?".
  • After Isabela opens the third gate, it is possible for Frank to leave her behind, but she will still be with him after activating the next cutscene.



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