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Below are a list of PP hints found on loading screens in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and what they mean.

Things are starting to heat up, frying pans that is[]

Successfully heat a frying pan on a stove.

Silence the chattering cyclopes.[]

Shoot all the TV's at the bar in the center

Americana Casino

Bring down the Zombrex machine![]

spray paint all zombrex posters.

Only a dummy would box without gloves.[]

Destroy a practice dummy with hand-to-hand combat.

Smashy smashy with a brick.[]


Music mis-appreciation.[]

Smash the guitars.

Food court

Tame the Jungle heart.[]

Tame Snowflake the tiger

Yucatan Casino

Massage that ball![]

Hit the bingo ball with a massager.

Silver Strip

Mmm...garbage burger.[]

eat a spoiled burger from the trash can

Water the plants, please.[]

Hotel area, use water cooler to smash plants

Where do molemen live? In Uranus.[]

Destroy the molemen in the whack a mole game.

Its bull that you can get PP for free.[]

Ride the mechanical bull / dolphin and win.

Taco platter.[]

eat all the mexician food in the mexician restaurant ( food court )