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Paradise Platinum Screens (Dead Rising 2)
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Store Number S104
Location Platinum Strip

Paradise Platinum Screens is a movie theater located in the Platinum Strip of Fortune City in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

The combo card for the Laser Sword is found by examining a "Laser Knight" poster in the back of the lobby.[1]

Dead rising Paradise Platinum Screens roof ladder.png

The Psychos magazines is located on the roof. The ladder to the roof is behind the theater, reached by walking along the alleyway next to Juggz Bar & Grill. The psychopath Deetz Hartman in the mission Militia Men is found on this roof.

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Movies[edit | edit source]

See also Special Prestige Point Bonuses

10,000 pp bonus to see all movies

Action icon in back of lobby to start movie

Each movie takes one hour and thirty minutes of in-game time[2] and is worth a 2,000 prestige points bonus. After Chuck sees all six movies, he gets a 10,000 pp bonus.

Click on each movie link for a video and game text:

If none of the movies are seen, the camera just focuses on Chuck.

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The lobby doors to the theater will only open when a movie is being played.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Dead rising 2 Paradise Platinum Screens map.png
  • Description on the map page: Late night showings of classic films, every night of the week! Movie of the Month for September: "Kar Krash Krushers"

  • Chuck can stop the movie early by pressing (Start Start button/Start button). When this occurs, the time expired is not the full one and a half hours. He can re-enter the movie, and the cutscene will restart.
  • It does not matter when Chuck enters the theater, the full cutscene will show, but the movie will end at the same time. For example, Chuck enters the Kar Krash Krushers movie at 2:05. The movie runs from 1:00 - 2:30 pm. The full Kar Krash's movie cutscene will show, and after the cutscene, Chuck will leave the theater at 2:30 pm if he watches the entire film.
  • Chuck can watch multiple movies without displaying a load screen first.
  • The Laser Sword combo card poster is called ComboPoster_LightSword_VentureCinema, indicating the theater may have been called Venture Cinema before.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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