Party Hard is a single player Sandbox Mode challenge in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Frank must lure as many zombies onto the rock path in 1 minute.


  • Gold (25 zombies)
  • Silver (15 zombies)
  • Bronze (10 zombies)


  • Gold: $60,000
  • Silver: $30,000
  • Bronze: $15,000


  • Recommended weapons include firecrackers and the Giant Spaceship Toy. The toy helicopter will also work, but beware that the blades from the helicopter can actually damage and kill zombies.
    • Use the firecrackers and the giant spaceship toy to attract zombie's attention. Once the zombies get close to Frank, toss the firecrackers onto the path behind Frank to draw the zombies in further.
  • Additionally, you can drink Zombait for this challenge to draw more zombies. The Sports Fan Outfit also attracts zombies towards Frank.


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