Patio Chair
Dead rising Patio Chair
Type Melee
Uses 5
Strength Medium
Location Food Court
Speedy Expresso
Fortune City Hotel rooftop
Luaii Wauwii
Fits in Inventory No

The patio chair is a weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is often found alongside a patio table. The chair will break upon impact if it is thrown.[1]

Its durability can be increased with the Domestic magazine.


Dead rising patio chair main
  • Main: Tap X/Square to shove the legs of the chair into a zombie, knocking them down.

Dead rising patio chair alternate
  • Alternate: Hold X/Square to perform a downwards smash attack with the chair.


  • In the PC file items.txt, this chair is identified as "Chair_5".



  1. In items.txt, this item has the line DestroyOnThrownImpact = "true". See Mod:List of items.
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