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Paul "The Mauler" Lazenby is an unseen character heard in Dead Rising 2. He is a commentator for the Terror is Reality game shows, alongside with Don Andrews. Paul was once a contestant in Terror is Reality and even a champion, going by the name The Mauler, before retiring and working as a commentator. Paul tends be much more casual and innapropriate during commentary, for example: telling Don, who maintains a more professional manner, that he has slept with his wife, or that Don is gay. He only speaks during the Terror is Reality multiplayer mode.

Paul also mentions that he spent time doing community service for a sexual legal infraction, was in a car crash while being drunk, and met a woman he had a relationship with in the zombie pens.[1]

It is unknown if he survived the outbreak in Fortune City.

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  • Paul Lazenby is a Canadian Mixed-Martial Arts champion, professional wrestler, stunt-man and actor in real life and actually goes by the nickname, "The Mauler". This, as with "The Sidewinder" Album or Playboy, is one of the very rare instances of real-life persons or entities also existing in the Dead Rising Universe.[2][3][4]
  • Don and Paul have over 90 minutes of speaking lines, more than any other character in Dead Rising 2.[5]
  • Paul Lazenby plays Larry in the Dead Rising: Watchtower film. 



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