Peace Keeper
DR 05 Peace Keeper
Description Defeat 5 psychopaths.
Point Value 20G
Dead Rising
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Peace Keeper is an achievement in Dead Rising.

It is unlocked after defeating five psychopaths in one playthrough of 72 Hour Mode.


In order to obtain the Peace Keeper achievement, five of the following psychopaths must be defeated.

DR 023 The Artiste DR 020 Bullet Point DR 06 Punisher DR 07 Legendary Soldier DR 05 Peace Keeper DR 021 Perfect Gunner
Kent Cletus Adam Cliff Jo Roger
53 Jack Hall 54 Thomas Hall DR 027 Psycho Photo DR 029 PP Collector DR 04 Self Defense DR 028 Psycho Collector
Jack Thomas Sean Paul Steven Larry



  • Jo Slade's photo was used for the Peace Keeper achievement for these reasons:
    • Chronologically, Jo is the fifth psychopath to be encountered, after Adam, Cletus, Cliff, and Steven.
    • As an officer of the law, Jo's duty is to protect and serve the citizens of Willamette, thus acting as a "peace keeper."
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