Pearce Stephens
Dead rising pearce bust
Voice Actor Sam Vincent
Status Deceased
Age 49
Notebook Number 069
Notebook Description Phenotrans staff scientist, monitoring gas operations in Fortune City underground.
Health 40
Job Phenotrans Scientist
Weapon Handgun

Pearce Stephens is a Phenotrans scientist and researcher as well as a psychopath in the Dead Rising 2 Case 7-2: The Only Lead. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role in Case 8-2: The Only Lead.

Case 7-2: The Only LeadEdit

Together with Mark Bradson, they are heard and seen talking about mature Queens ready for shipping. Pearce is told by Mark to call the head doctor to tell him that they are ready to harvest the shipment. Pearce pulls out a phone and calls the doctor and tells him the news while typing on a computer. As Chuck calls out to them as "poindexters", the two men each grab a pistol from the table and aim at Chuck, asking who he is and what he is doing there.

After their defeat Chuck inspects their laptop and tries to use it but it doesn't work because it is password protected. Chuck calls them bastards but takes the laptop as well as a cup of Coffee. Chuck thanks the deceased scientists for the coffee, and then sees Mark's ID card. He picks it up and then sees a panel with a switch. He pulls it and goes off.


  • Pearce, along with Mark Bradson, are referred to as "Lab Assistant 1" and "Lab Assistant 2" in the game's files[1]



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