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This article is from a game that is considered to be non-canon.
"I swear I met that guy somewhere before"
—Frank after defeating Chuck
"Is it me or did he look familiar?"
—co-op Chuck after defeating psychopath Chuck
People Like Us
Crazy Chuck
Location Fortune Park
Start Time 3:00 PM Day 1
End Time 8:30 AM Day 2
Psychopath Chuck Greene

People Like Us is a mission in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.


Around 3 PM in Fortune Park, Frank finds a Slicecycle and begins to examine it. Chuck then appears, carrying a doll on the back, and tells Frank to get away from his bike. Frank apologizes, and Chuck also apologizes, saying he thought Frank was one of those Crazies. Chuck then talks to Frank about how many people are turning on each other rather than coming together during an outbreak and that he has a "daughter" to protect. Frank then offers to take Chuck and "Katey" to the Safe House, which Chuck declines because he needs to find "Katey" Zombrex every 24 hours. Frank attempts to change Chuck's mind and grabs the doll's leg to stop him from leaving, which enrages Chuck, leading him to believe that Frank is one of those "Nutbars" and attacks Frank with his Slicecycle.

After Frank defeats him, Chuck crashes his bike and he is sent to the ground. He crawls his way over to the head of the doll then comforts it, saying "I can't imagine what I would do if anything were ever to happen you.". Chuck then appears to die as Frank begins to walk away. As he's walking, he notices Chuck's trailer keys, so he picks them up. He turns around and looks at where Chuck was laying moments ago to find he has vanished. Frank then remarks, "Ok, this place is nuts."



Prestige PointsEdit

Psychopath Defeated Bonus: 20,000 PP

Combo CardsEdit


Combo BikesEdit

After completing this mission, Frank can use Chuck's trailer to create Combo Bikes.


During the fight Chuck will stop to drink Whiskey which you can take a picture of for a Special bonus, if Chuck vomits you can also get an Outtake bonus.
As Chuck is on a sliceycle you can also get a good opportunity for Brutality points when he is killing zombies.


  • Katey's bag and PSP can be found in the greenroom in the Arena covered in blood, hinting that she was killed there.
  • This mission has replaced Meet the Contestants, a mission that was in Dead Rising 2.
  • When Chuck stops to drink Whiskey, Frank can hit him while he is drinking he will drop the whiskey and Frank can pick it up.
  • Frank's quote after the cutscene is a referance to the feeling of deja vu, where one believes they've seen someone or done something similar, but have not. It's also a nod to the two of them meeting and working together in Dead Rising 2: Case West.
  • Chuck is easy to defeat if one climbs up to the balcony to the right of the Fortune City Hotel. Chuck will approach and stop (NOTE: He stops in the same place each time). Players can then shoot him with any kind of firearm on hand. Assault Rifles, LMG, and Merc Assault Rifles prove useful. After taking some hits, he will turn and leave, only to come back seconds later. Repeat this process till he dies. Using this tactic is very tedious, as Chuck drives off after a couple of rounds, but this is the easiest, as you only have to worry about Chuck throwing Molotov cocktails. Shooting Chuck before he throws cancels this, and causes him to flee. Another tactic to defeat him is to use the SUV. Chuck will be unable to harm you while you are in the car and crashing into Chuck's bike with good speed can take away a huge chunk of his health.
  • The truck, where you can modify the Bicycle spawns, has Chuck's picture instead of Leon's. The Bicycle there however retains the same color scheme as that of Leon's. 
    Dead rising combo bay truck 2

    Chuck's picture instead of Leon's.