Voice Actor Aidan Bristow
Location Dilly Diner

Peter is a victim in Dead Rising 3.

He was seen hiding in the Dilly Diner with his elderly mother, Rhonda, Annie and Dick during Chapter 0.

He tries to save his mother when she runs from the diner out into the streets when the diner becomes surrounded by zombies. He is pulled out of the diner by the zombies and eaten.

His intestines are later thrown against a window by a zombie, causing Dick to vomit.

Trivia Edit

  • Neither Peter nor his mother are seen entering the Dilly Diner with AnnieDickRhonda and Nick in Dead Rising 3 Comic Book which leads to think both were hiding there before Nick's arrival, joined them there before the game events or while Nick was looking for an escape route at the early start of the game.


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