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Phenotrans Facility

The Phenotrans Facility is location where Dead Rising 2: Case West takes place.

The facility a large, secure compound located in Nevada, approximately west of Fortune City. The facility hosts several research laboratories, in addition to offices and living quarters for employees.

During the events of Dead Rising 2: Case West, Chuck Greene and Frank West infiltrate the facility after escaping Fortune City. There, they work together with an inside source to expose Phenotrans and gather information on what the facility is doing as well as classified documents.

In order to help Chuck and Frank, the source releases the zombies from the Holding Pens, successfully overrunning the facility. With the Security Guards and Zombie Handlers busy, Frank and Chuck have a better chance of finding what they need.

However, with security busy and zombies on the loose, the facility's employees who have not been killed are trapped throughout the labs. Frank and Chuck encounter several survivors, whom they help them by freeing them from the zombies' grasps or giving them weapons. Once helped, they are able to escape the facility alive.

While Frank and Chuck defeat security personnel and rescue survivors, they can also take photos of important objects and destroy security cameras placed throughout the facility.

In the end of the game, the facility is destroyed by Self-Destruct activated by Marian Mallon. Luckily, Frank and Chuck escapes the facility alive and unharmed.


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Map of the Phenotrans Facility

Secret Phenotrans facility. Zombies are shipped to this facility and experimented on. This is the production center for the controversial drug, Zombrex.

Holding Pens[]

For more information, see Holding Pens

This is the most dangerous area in the facility. Livestock is organized and maintained here. All non-security personnel are required to have a security escort during scheduled livestock assemblies.

Living Quarters[]

For more information, see Living Quarters

The living quarters provide employees with the comforts of a home while not at home. Take a load off and shoot some pool in the Rec Room or enjoy a drink with out executives in the Tiki Tower Lounge!

Research Laboratory[]

For more information, see Research Laboratory

It all starts here. The Zombrex research and production takes place in this laboratory.

Secure Laboratory[]

For more information, see Secure Laboratory

This information is classified. Please see the Director for access to classified materials.


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