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For the Dead Rising 2 PC file, see Mod:Camera.

Photography is a game mechanic present in the Dead Rising series. The main incentive is to capture unique photographs to score Prestige Points (generally referred to as PP Points.)

Photo Ops refer to special survivors actions that can be photographed for large amounts of Prestige Points. Most psychopaths have photo ops during their encounters, whereas only a number of survivors do. Once a photo op is successfully photographed, it will not appear for the rest of the playthrough. Some photo ops require certain conditions to occur. Photo Ops return in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record starring Frank West.

It made its introduction in Dead Rising, to go along with protagonist Frank West; a photographer. After taking thirty pictures, Frank must replace the batteries of his camera in one of the camera stores around the mall.

Photography was absent in the sequel; Dead Rising 2 and its prologue; Case Zero as the protagonist; Chuck Greene is a former motocross champion. Unlike Frank, Chuck has no interest in the media, and has a much more personal motive to fight, such as keeping his infected daughter alive.

Along with Frank, photography returned in Case West, the epilogue to Dead Rising 2. This time however, Chuck himself can take evidential photographs (albeit with a significantly less advanced camera than Frank's) as plot involves the exposure of criminal pharmaceutical company; Phenotrans.

In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Frank takes pictures with a digital camera and is able to perform a move on a zombie, where he extends his arm with camera in one hand, and his other arm around the zombie's shoulder and takes a typical "cheesy, tourist" photo.

Chop Till You DropEdit

Dead rising chop till you drop after introduction camera broken (1)

"Damn! This must have been broken during the commotion..."

In Chop Till You Drop, Franks camera is broken in the introduction. There is no photography.[1]

Dead RisingEdit


The opening cutscene of Dead Rising shows Frank and Ed DeLuca in a helicopter on their way to Willamette. Frank explains that he received a tip-off that something big was going down in Willamette, and orders Ed to fly them over the main street so he can take some pictures of what he believes to be a mass riot.

This segment acts as a tutorial for the player to learn how to take pictures and gain some experience. There are four major opportunities to be photographed, each of which can rack up some major PP Points.

NOTE - Pressing the "START" button will skip the helicopter ride and bring you straight to the rooftop.

Lone MotoristEdit


The first major event comes when Frank and Ed spot a lone motorist desperately fending off a group of zombies from atop his vehicle. He swings his baseball bat wildly before noticing the helicopter and waving for assistance. However, he is soon outmatched when the zombies drag him down and devour him.

This photo opportunity can score the player up to 400 PP Points. Using the camera zoom function, and making sure to capture the zombies in the shot can help increase the score.

School Bus Edit


The second event depicts a swarm of zombies gathered around a school bus at an intersection. Presumably trying to get to the person(s) inside, they are repeatedly pounding on the windows and rocking the bus. There is not much action taking place, but the scene itself offers between 100-300 PP Points if photographed. Again, the more zombies in the shot, the better.

Gas Station ExplosionEdit


Thirdly, as Ed and Frank fly by, the Tornado Gas Station suddenly explodes, sending numerous burning zombies hurtling across the street. This presents a golden opportunity to score some PP Points in the high hundreds. Timing the shot for the explosion is key here, as unexpecting players may miss this chance.

Woman in TroubleEdit


Finally, right after the gas station explosion, just as Ed begins to take the helicopter up, Frank demands he get closer to a certain building as he can see activity on the rooftop.

It turns out there is a crowd of zombies closing in on a woman. The woman is armed with a handgun, but soon runs out of ammo. She then throws her gun at a zombie and flails her arm at the helicopter to signal for help. Unfortunately, three zombies grab her and she loses her balance and falls, her body (and the zombies) splatters as it hits the pavement below.

This event can score the player up to 700 PP Points. Timing is also useful here, and the player should aim to shoot just as the woman falls, and again mid-fall.

Battery ReplacementEdit

Dead rising IGN smileys north plaza

Pearly White's Photo in North Plaza.

Dead rising camera store camera batteries

Cam's Camera in Paradise Plaza.

Frank can get new camera batteries once the previous ones die through taking too many pictures in three locations.

Psychopath photo opportunity listEdit

Photo Opportunities give Frank extra Prestige points by snapping a shot of certain characters as a yellow PP icon appears over their head when they perform a certain action.

A shot of every Photo opportunities can be taken on every playthrough, but each shot can only be taken once per playthrough.

The amount given for each shot will be determined by how well the shot is captured. Always zoom in for the closest possible angle. These are all worth up to a maximum of 10,000 Prestige Points.[2]

Psychopath/SurvivorCase Description
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Dead rising love lasts a lifetime (5) Jeff Meyer and Natalie Meyer Love Lasts a Lifetime Hugging
Dead rising walkthrough (7) cut from the same cloth 3 Kent Swanson Cut From the Same Cloth, Photo Challenge or Photographer's Pride During a Jump Kick.
Dead rising out of control adam photo ball perfect Adam MacIntyre Out of Control Posing after juggling chainsaws.
Dead rising out of control adam greg leading Greg Simpson Out of Control Beckoning for Frank to follow him.
Dead rising japanese tourist and greg 4 perfect photo Yuu Tanaka and Shinji Kitano Japanese Tourists Bowing upon joining Frank's party.
Cletus' photo op Cletus Samson The Gun Shop When Cletus shoots Frank he swigs some wine to celebrate
Dead rising lovers ross suicide Ross Folk Lovers Shooting himself in the head after Frank gives him a handgun.
Stevendash Steven Chapman Case 2-3: Medicine Run Steven Chapman tries to dash toward Frank with his Weapon Cart.
Cliffphoto Cliff Hudson The Hatchet Man Jumping into one of the trapdoors at Crislip's Home Saloon.
Dead rising restaurant man pp 10000 Ronald Shiner Restaurant Man Laughing after given food.
Needed Kay Nelson Above the Law Killed by Frank or Jo while she is still tied up.
Needed Lilly Deacon Above the Law Killed by Frank or Jo while she is still handcuffed.
Needed Kelly Carpenter Above the Law Killed by Frank or Jo while she is still handcuffed.
Needed Janet Star Above the Law Killed by Frank or Jo while she is still handcuffed.
Needed Jo Slade Above the Law Poses with her handgun. After 9 shots Jo will reload and do her pose.
Needed Isabela Keyes Case 4-2: Girl Hunting Jumps a ramp in North Plaza.
Needed Nick Evans Hanging by a Thread Hanging from the giant rabbit.
Needed Sally Mills Hanging by a Thread Hanging from the giant rabbit.
Dead rising a woman left behind (4) Jolie Wu and Rachel Decker The Woman Who Didn't Make It Hugging her friend Rachel. Up to 20,000 PP?
Needed Jack Hall Mark Of The Sniper high-fiving his father Roger after shooting Frank.
Needed Roger Hall Mark Of The Sniper High-fiving his son Jack after shooting Frank.
Needed Sean Keanan A Strange Group Praying. Leave Colby's during the fight and come back. Open the door to Screen 4 to see Sean praying.[Verification needed]
Needed Nathan Crabbe A Strange Group While tied up, allow Sean to kill any of the survivors, or Frank kills them himself
Needed Beth Shrake A Strange Group While tied up, allow Sean to kill any of the survivors, or Frank kills them himself
Needed Ray Mathison A Strange Group While tied up, allow Sean to kill any of the survivors, or Frank kills them himself
Needed Michelle Feltz A Strange Group While tied up, allow Sean to kill any of the survivors, or Frank kills them himself
Dead rising the drunkard gil (3) Gil Jimenez The Drunkard Posing during his conversation.
Needed Paul Carson Long Haired Punk Laughing after a Molotov Cocktail hits Frank during the fight.
Dead rising long haired punk (3) Paul Carson Long Haired Punk While Paul burns after accidentally setting himself on fire.
Needed Larry Chiang Case 8-4: The Butcher When Larry is low on life he will run over to a bucket of meat and eat from it.
Dead rising overtime mode brock the final battle (23) Brock Mason Overtime Rotating his arm before grappling Frank.

End of game photography bonusEdit

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0 PP 0
1 PP 100
1,000 PP 1,000
3,000 PP 3,000
5,000 PP 5,000
10,000 PP 8,000
20,000 PP 10,000
30,000 PP 15,000
40,000 PP 20,000
50,000 PP 25,000
60,000 PP 30,000
70,000 PP 35,000
80,000 PP 40,000
90,000 PP 45,000
100,000 PP 50,000

Excellent photography locationsEdit

Zombie picturesEdit

Dead rising crislip's photographs at counter Dead rising crislip's photographs at counter (2) Dead rising crislip's photographs at counter (3)
  • To take close up pictures of zombies, behind the counter of Crislip's Home Saloon is an excellent location.
Dead rising photography fountain al fresca
  • Since Zombies cannot get into the Al Fresca Plaza fountain, this is also an excellent location to take zombie close ups.

  • Leisure Park is an excellent place to take full profile photos of zombies.

Small item picturesEdit

  • Josh's Jewels in Paradise Plaza is an excellent place to take close up pictures of small items. Destroy the 4 chairs and place the items on the low table. Watch Frank's shadow though.
  • During the daytime, in Wonderland Plaza inside the railing next to the south side bunny balloon, with green carpet.
  • Avoid the rooftop vent platform, as the natural light is unpredictable. During the brightest part of the day the stark reflection ruins small item pictures. Josh's Jewels is a better location.

Large item picturesEdit


In Dead Rising, taking pictures at a certain time or of a certain body part will score you PP bonuses, giving you more points. The bonuses include:

  • Erotica - Taking pictures of interesting parts of female characters' or even female zombies' bodies will score you this bonus.
  • Horror - Taking pictures of zombies or events with graphic gore will score you this bonus.
  • Outtake - Taking pictures of zombies with gag items on their heads or something funny will score you this bonus.
  • Brutality - Taking pictures of blood & violence will score you this bonus.
  • Drama - Taking pictures of dramatic events will score you this bonus.
  • Photo Ops - Taking pictures of certain survivors' actions when the Photo Op symbol appears can score up to 10,000 PP at a time.
  • PP Stickers - Taking pictures of notable landmarks in the mall can score up to 1,000 PP at a time.

In Case West, only PP stickers return.

Case West Photo Opportunities Edit

See Professional Photography for the Prestige Point stickers

Off the RecordEdit

Off the Record Prestige Point StickersEdit

For Off the Record stickers see Off the Record Prestige Points Stickers

Off the Record Photo OpsEdit

There are more photo ops that have yet to be posted.

Carlphotoop Carl Schliff Mentioning to Frank about messing with mail.
Amberpose Amber Bailey Performing a sexy pose (multiple photo ops).
Crystalpose Crystal Bailey Performing a sexy pose (multiple photo ops).
Antoine Thomas Eating food.
Snowflake Drama Snowflake Eating Steak.
Snowflakeroar Snowflake Roaring before tamed.
Randypose Randy Tugman Poses with Giant Pink Chainsaw (multiple photo ops)
Sgt. Boykin PP Bonus 1

Sgt. Boykin PP Bonus 2

Sgt. Boykin. Firing his LMG,firing his LMG towards Frank or Chuck after he knocks them down and grabbing supplies.
Brandonglassslice Brandon Whittaker Simulating slitting his throat and slitting his throat.
Chuckdrinking Chuck Greene Drinking whiskey
Evanphotoop1 Evan MacIntyre Shooting his modified Snowball Cannon in the air.
Evanphotoop2 Evan MacIntyre About to stomp on Frank or Chuck.
Rogerscrapingswords Roger Withers Scraping his magician swords together and slamming his swords into the ground if Frank or Chuck are in a high area.
Reed Wallbeck After Roger knocks-down Frank or Chuck (multiple photo ops)
Slappy Photo Op Brent Ernst Spinning around with his flamethrower.
Seymour Redding Swinging his rope in the air, throwing his rope to Frank or Chuck, after successfully catching Frank or Chuck, hitting Frank or Chuck with his nightstick after catching them, posing after Frank or Chuck are down by said attack, after Frank or Chuck escape from said attack.
Staceyrobotphoto Stacey Forsythe Trying to regain control of the robot and using the robot to grab a giant wooden box.
Lillian and Camille Hug Camille Payne and Lillian Payne Hugging each other
Special LaShawndra Dawkins and Gordon Dawkins Hugging each other
ChadAndDoris PhotoOp Chad Elchart and Doris Elchart Hugging each other
2011-10-15 00008 Kristin Harris Dancing.
Jared Davis taking Zombrex shot
Drake Danton Being dragged into the Fortune City Arena changing room by zombies
Lucas Pontremoli Just before he commits suicide via shotgun in the Fortune City Arena
Angel Lust Photo Op 1 Angel Lust As they rock out on stage and when the band blows up the zombies' heads
Earl Flaherty Fist-pumping after a successful shot.
Deetz Hartman Fist-pumping after a successful shot.
Derrick Duggan Fist-pumping after a successful shot.
Johnny James Fist-pumping after a successful shot.
  • Co-op Chuck Greene - Celebrating (multiple photo ops).
  • More not listed.

Erotica photosEdit

The following survivors offer erotica PP bonuses for Frank taking their picture:[4]

SurvivorMaximum PP bonus
Dead rising alice Alice Paynter 400
Dead rising allison Allison Perkins 400
Dead rising bibi Bibi Love 500
Dead rising cora Cora Russel 500
Dead rising danni Danni Bodine 400
Dead rising deidre Deidre Sanchez 400
Dead rising doris Doris Elchart 500
Dead rising esther Esther Alwin[5] 500
Dead rising europa Europa Westinghouse 500
Dead rising jack (Dead Rising 2) Jack 200
Dead rising jeanna Jeanna Slick 300
Dead rising jessica Jessica McCarney 400
Dead rising kalee Kalee Timmons 500
Dead rising kris Kris Bookmiller 200
Dead rising kristin Kristin Harris 500
Dead rising linette Linette Watkins 500
Dead rising lulu Lulu Barra 400
Dead rising nina Nina Suhr 800
Dead rising rebecca Rebecca Chang 400/600
Dead rising summer Summer Chavez 800
Dead rising tamara Tamara Stein 100
Dead rising tammy Tammy Blaine 1000
Dead rising terri Terri Glass 500
Dead rising trixie-lynn Trixie-Lynn Horton 300/400
Dead rising woodrow Woodrow Rutherford 100

There is up to 200 Erotica PP points for taking a picture of one of the televisions.[6]

Other photosEdit

The following items offer PP bonuses for Frank taking their picture:[7]

ItemMaximum PP bonus
Dead rising Blue Oyster Biker Outfit Blue Oyster Biker Outfit[8] 200
Dead rising Banana Hammock Banana Hammock[8] 200
Dead rising Dynamite Dynamite in mouth of zombie 50
Dead rising Pegasus Pegasus stuck in zombie 1000
Dead rising Cryo Pod Cryo Pod zombie in barrel 1000


Dead rising phography horror natalie
  • Taking a photo of Natalie Meyer's, as well as Susan Walsh's, crotch garners horror points.
  • Frank's camera has the Capcom logo on it in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars and in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.
  • Frank can use his camera to "level up" in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • If Frank takes an erotica shot with enough PP points, Franks nose will bleed all the way down to his chin.

Off the Record TriviaEdit

  • When fighting Randy, wait until he runs out of breath then take a photo of him to get an outtake bonus (up to 1,000 PP).
  • Randy also has a regular photo op that is difficult to see, as it only occurs when Danni is dead. The player can see it more easily in Sandbox Mode, as there Randy spawns without Danni. Randy will start walking around the chapel, eventually coming to the entrance, where he will do some weird pose which is the player’s cue to take a photo.
  • When fighting the magician duo, let Reed (the psychopath with the rocket launcher) knock Frank down. He will do an overdramatic bow; take a picture as he is doing that to get a drama bonus (up to 1,000 PP).
  • Slappy has two of PP bonuses. One of him laying on the ground after a jump kick. The other is him jumping down to the first floor. Both give an outtake bonus and up to 1,000 PP.
  • When fighting Sgt. Boykin, leave the fight area and come back. The player might see him shooting or stomping the zombie corpses around the place; take a photo of him doing this to get a brutality bonus.
  • Like Randy, Boykin also has a photo op that is difficult to see; he will occasionally walk up to one of the soldier corpses and talk to them – this is the player’s photo cue.
  • Taking a picture of the 4 nerds from Brains Over Brawn huddled around their game gives outtake bonuses for each of them. Also, taking a picture of Curtis (the nerd in the schoolgirl outfit) always gives an outtake bonus instead of drama.
  • Taking a picture of Lillian (the daughter from Family Feud) gives a much bigger drama bonus than other survivors (more than 1,000 PP). Although this only works if Frank photographs her before she joins Frank.
  • After paying Randolph (Art Appreciation mission) $3,000 Frank can photograph his painting for a (very measly) horror bonus.
  • Taking a picture of the molemen from the Uranus Zone mini game also gives a measly outtake bonus.


Gallery (Dead Rising)Edit

Gallery (Off the Record)Edit

See alsoEdit

In relation to taking pictures and gaining large amounts of prestige points, see:


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