Pilots (Dead Rising 3)

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Job Pilots
Status Deceased

The Pilots are both victims in Dead Rising 3.

They, along with all of the passengers on board die in a plane crash shortly after the game's beginning in Chapter 0.

Dead Rising 3Edit

During the game's opening cinematics, two pilots can be seen flying over Los Perdidos, with the first pilot complaining about having to fly over the infected city. The second claims that they are safe up in the plane, but is later proved wrong.

The second pilot begins to cough and shows other signs of turning into a zombie.When the co-pilot asked whats wrong the pilot replied that he was stung by some"strange bee" in the morning. The bee that stung him in the neck infected him. The first pilot, seemingly aware of his partner's fate, pulls out the gun and prepares to kill the man before he can turn.

It's uknown what exactly happens afterwards. Presumably, the first pilot killed the second one before he was able to fully turn into a zombie, or they both got into a fight, with either turn of events causing the plane to crash.


  • In a news update, it was stated that the plane crashed due to mechanical failure.Whether this was true or just to avoid panic on planes is unknown. 
  • Judging by the scenes shown during the plane crash itself, there were more infected people on the plane, which may be another cause of the crash. It may also imply that TSA doesn't check people for infection properly.
  • It's unusual that the pilot had a firearm, since only air marshals and federal flight deck officers (airplane pilots who are trained and licensed to carry firearms) are authorized to have firearms on the plane. Though it's possible that regular pilots are allowed to carry firearms too, due to the risk of zombie outbreak.
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