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Pitchfork (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Pitchfork 99
Type Melee
Uses 30
Strength Good
Location See article
Fits in Inventory Yes

The pitchfork is a weapon in Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is an agricultural tool with a long handle and long, thin, widely separated pointed prongs used to lift and throw loose material, such as hay or leaves.

The pitchfork can be combined with a shotgun to create the Boomstick or with a drill motor to create the Auger. Its durability can be increased with the Building magazine.


Dead rising pitchfork main
  • Main: Tap X/Square to thrust the pitchfork into a zombie.

Dead rising pitchfork combo
  • Combo: Quickly tap X/Square again to thrust the pitchfork higher.

Dead rising pitchfork alternate
  • Alternate: Hold X/Square to stab and impale a zombie, tossing it over the shoulder as if Chuck were pitching hay, for an instant kill.


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Dead rising pitchfork

Dead rising pitchfork