Dead Rising Royal Flush Plaza Uranus Zone 

Players (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Players (Dead Rising 2)
Store Number R213
Location Royal Flush Plaza
"Players has all the hottest hits under one roof. Drink up these juicy beats and save with our "Buy eight, get one 50% off" deal! (Valid every Thursday, 6:00AM to 6:43AM)"
—Fortune City map description

Players is a music store located in the Royal Flush Plaza in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

In Off the Record, there is a second Players store located in the Uranus Zone.


Secret RoomEdit

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Dead rising royal flush above players

There is a secret room above Players.

Dead rising royal flush above players (4)

The attic is reached by climbing onto the red phone booth to the right of the store. Walk along the awning above Players.

Dead rising royal flush above players (3)

Then, jump on the walkway above second floor of SporTrance.

Do not follow the walkway around the floor there is nothing of interest at its far end.

Dead rising royal flush above players (2)

Instead, turn around and jump up to an even higher platform (a flower box). From here, Chuck can access the high loft of the Players store.

Dead rising inside secret attic

There is a sniper rifle, spear, steak, patio table, cardboard box (2x), and highback oak chair (2x).

Dead rising upper platforms hot air balloon

Outside the attic is a balloon which Chuck can reach by jumping. It has a giant stuffed rabbit and three sticks of dynamite. This dynamite can be combined with the bow and arrows in The Chieftain's Hut downstairs to create Blambows.


Dead rising 2 off the record zombies above players

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