Plunger Lure
Plunger Lure
Type Combo Weapon (Thrown)
Combine Plunger + Electronic Item
Location Mall Emergency Shelter Weapons Vendor
Fits in Inventory Yes

The Plunger Lure is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 4.

It is created by combining a plunger with an electronic item. The blueprints can be purchased from the Weapons Vendor at the Mall Emergency Shelter for 6,000 scrap.

The Plunger Lure is a throwable combo weapon that will draw zombies to it with the sound it makes. There is a trial named These Beats Are So Fresh! SSSNAP! that requires 200 kills using the Plunger Lure.


  • Hold down Bleft and use the Left to aim the Plunger Lure. Let go of Bleft to throw the Plunger Lure.


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