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Pole Weapon (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Pole Weapon
Type Combo Weapon/Melee
How to Make Push Broom + Machete
Uses 50
Strength Great
PP Primary: 100/50
Secondary: 150
Fits in Inventory Yes
"The slicing power of a razor sharp machete now comes on a stick!"
—Combo Card Description

The Pole Weapon is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, made by combining a push broom with a machete.

This combo weapon has been described as:

"A medium-range melee weapon that works a lot like a poleaxe, letting you slice zombies with the machete, taped to the end of the broom."[1]


  • Main: Tap X/Square to perform a single swing capable of dismembering and bisecting zombies. Awards 100 PP per kill (50 PP without a Combo Card).
  • Alternate: Hold X/Square to perform a spin attack, effectively killing any surrounding zombies. This attack makes two complete 360-degree swings. Awards 150 PP per kill; this attack cannot be performed without a Combo Card.
  • Thrown: Hold Ltrigger/L2 to go into aim mode, then tap X/Square to hurl the Pole Weapon like a spear, impaling a single zombie.

Weapon Component LocationsEdit

Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero general locations of weapons needed to make the Pole Weapon.

Dead rising Machete (Dead Rising 2)

Location icon Atlantica Casino Main Floor - sticking in the wall to the left of the Killer Blackjack Machine.

Location icon Atlantica Casino Upper Platforms
Location icon Food Court - Hungry Joe's Pizzeria (F107) (On top of kitchen vents)[2]
Location icon Fortune City Arena - Maintenance Room 23 North of Terror Togs (E101)
Location icon Palisades Mall - Shank's (P107)
Location icon Royal Flush Plaza - Albert's Apparel (R201)
Location icon Silver Strip Main Area - Silver Strip (N107) On planter slightly right of the entrance
Location icon Silver Strip - Maintenance Room 18 right of Tinkerbox (N103)
Location icon Underground - Secret Lab
Location icon Yucatan Casino Fireplace Area
Location icon Yucatan Casino Main Entry Area (on top of large statue at entrance)

Location icon Yucatan Casino - Baron Von Brathaus

Push Broom
Dead rising Push Broom (Dead Rising 2)
Location icon see article for 25+ locations


  • While the machete does not bisect any zombies, the Pole Weapon does.
  • This combo weapon makes an appearance in Dead Rising: Watchtower. It's used by Maggie.



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  2. Chuck must jump from the front counter toward the back and he will grapple and pull on to the top where there is a cardboard box and a machete.
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