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The full Protoman costume in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.


Protoman as he appears in the Mega Man franchise.

The Protoman Costume is an unlockable costume in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record based on reference the Mega Man series character Protoman.

Attire Parts[]

Protoman Boots[]

The Protoman Boots are located in the Ultimate Playhouse in the Palisades Mall. If the player looks close enough, there is an 8-Bit sprite of Megaman on the heels of the boots.

Protoman Helmet[]

"Special prototype helmet - Cuts down helmet hair by 50%"
—Game description

The Protoman Helmet can be collected after saving Jack Ellis during Welcome to the Family. If the player beat him in strip poker during Ante Up, he gives the Protoman Helmet, identical to how the Knight Helmet is won in Dead Rising 2. The helmet can also be obtained by killing Jack in Sandbox Mode. He is found in the Arena at 12pm on the first day.

Protoman Blaster and Shield[]

After finishing a game with an S ending, the Protoman Blaster and Shield are located in the Safe House restrooms. The blaster shoots energy balls similar to the one in Dead Rising, although not as strong. Wearing the Protoman Boots and/or helmet with the blaster adds an explosion to every shot. It will reappear in the safe house regardless of how many are in the player's inventory, however, it will not spawn at all in Sandbox Mode.

Protoman Armor[]

"Ultra slimming tights - Includes heavy armored ascot"
—Game description

The Protoman Armor is acquired by getting a Bronze medal or better in every Single-Player challenge in Sandbox Mode. However there is a bug when in the Steam version of the game, the armor won't be unlocked even after completing all the challenges in Bronze medals and unlocking most achievements.


  • Special gliding move to replacing Dodge Roll.
  • Equip with Protoman Blaster and Shield every projectile shot will explode on impact to damage massively.