Dead rising Protoman Helmet

The Protoman Helmet is a special costume piece that appears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It replaces the Knight Helmet that the survivor Jack Ellis wears when he is rescued in the mission Welcome to the Family.

To obtain the helmet, Frank West can use either of two methods. During the mission Ante Up, Frank can win the helmet by successfully eliminating Jack at a game of strip poker. Jack must bust four times before he will give up the helmet. Alternately, Frank can look for Jack in Sandbox Mode and kill him to obtain the helmet.

The Protoman Helmet is one of four items for the Protoman set of clothing, which when combined with the 3 other items, will give Frank West increased resistance to damage.

  1. Protoman Blaster and Shield: Get the S Rank ending, after which it will be found in the Safe House restroom (but only in Story Mode).
  2. Protoman Helmet: Rescue Jack Ellis in Welcome to the Family, then beat him in poker in Ante Up. Another way to obtain the helmet is to find Jack Ellis and kill him in Sandbox Mode.
  3. Protoman Boots: Located in the Ultimate Playhouse at the Palisades Mall
  4. Protoman Armor: Unlock all of the single-player Challenges in Sandbox Mode and win a medal of any kind in all of them.

All the parts of the armor will stay in a locker in the Safe House restroom. Frank can equip and unequip the pieces at any time.


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