Psychopath Skills Pack is downloadable clothing found in Dead Rising 2. It was part of the Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Edition, a collectors edition of the game. It was also released on October 12, 2010, as a skills pack for 160 Microsoft points on the Xbox 360, and $1.99 on the PlayStation Network.[1]


The psycho costume: v · d · e

1. Heavier damage from 10 psycho-related weapons:

1 Dead rising Cement Saw Cement Saw
2 Dead rising Chainsaw (Dead Rising 2) Chainsaw,
3 Dead rising Chef Knife Chef Knife
4 Dead rising Crowbar Crowbar
5 Dead rising Large Wrench Large Wrench
6 Dead rising Machete (Dead Rising 2) Machete
7 Dead rising Meat Cleaver (Dead Rising 2) Meat Cleaver
8 Dead rising Mining Pick Mining Pick
9 Dead rising Power Drill Power Drill
10 Dead rising Pitchfork Pitchfork[2]

2. Take less damage from enemies.
3. Immunity to slouching over in pain if grabbed twice by zombies. This does not work if Chuck or Frank drinks 3 alcoholic beverages in quick succession.
4. New mini-cutscenes on secondary weapon attacks such as with chainsaws, cleavers, and axes.[3][4][5]


The outfit consists of four pieces of clothing. In Off the Record, the clothing pieces are spread throughout Fortune City.

Clothing Description Off the Record location
Psychopath Hair A visage that reflects your weary work Platinum Strip, Paradise Platinum Screens watch the Timeshare movie which shows 12 am to 2 am
Psychopath Boots Who said serial murder can't be stylish? Fortune City Arena Security Room[6]
Psychopath Clothes Blood stains are a badge of honor Mail Order Zombrex unlocked after defeating Carl Schliff
Psychopath Mask Being crazy is wrong, but it feels so right Silver Strip, Swept Away Wedding Chapel

Skills PackEdit

v · d · e Skills packs are downloadable costumes which can be found in the Safe House bathroom Clothing Locker.

For Dead Rising 2, the Ninja, Psychopath, Solider of Fortune, and Sports costumes were first offered as pre-order bonuses. After October 12, 2010, a player could purchase these Dead Rising 2 costumes. These costumes can be used during co-op.[4][7][8] Off the Record separates these four costume's parts and scatters them throughout Fortune City for Frank to find or for Frank to earn.

For Off the Record, the Cosplay Warrior costume was announced as a pre-order bonus on July 21, 2011. The Cyborg, Fire Fighter, and Barbecue Chef were not offered as pre-order bonuses. They are downloadable content.


  • The Psychopath outfit is a reference to Leatherface, the main antagonist of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre slasher films. 
  • Left Hand Lance in the Tape it or Die blog mentions both the Psycho Pack outfit, Ninja Skills Pack outfit, and cowboy outfit. He also mentions seeing two Chucks in co-op play.[19]
  • In Off the Record, the Psychopath outfit is automatically available within the game, though all four pieces of it must first be obtained.



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