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The psychopaths in the Dead Rising series are humans who have either gone criminally insane due to the sheer stress and chaos of the zombie outbreak and/or seeing friends, family, and others being slaughtered by the undead, or are otherwise evil and see the outbreak as an opportunity to do whatever they wish. They serve as the game's bosses, but players only come by most of them if they go to certain areas. Defeating them usually has a beneficial side-effect such as access to new areas, rescuing certain survivors, and/or unique weapon drops.

Incidentally, not all of the "psychopaths" are genuinely insane; some are either corrupt, morally deprived individuals using the outbreak as a chance to engage in criminal activities (such as looting and violence against survivors) or at the least, are extremely paranoid of others. For example, the Convicts are a trio of criminals who escaped prison, commandeered a military Humvee and are simply taking advantage of the outbreak by causing chaos without having to worry about the police.

At times, the game considers normal people to be psychopaths until defeated for the storyline. Isabela Keyes, for example, is entirely sane, but must be defeated by Frank in combat to get her to listen to him. Afterwards, she becomes an ally and plays a major role in the story. Diego Martinez went into shock after discovering the zombie that was believed to have started an outbreak in the town of Smithville had a number 4 tattooed onto his neck, just like himself. Others, like Kent Swanson and Harry "Zhi" Wong, appear to be friendly at first, but later become hostile later on. Some psychopaths, such as Kenny Dermot or Paul Carson, can be saved as a survivor after defeating them after they see the fault in their ways.

In Dead Rising 4, the psychopaths are replaced by the maniacs, although with the same purpose.


Although almost nothing about all the psychopaths is identical, there are a few minor similarities that stand out. Most psychopaths will usually drop some combination of unique weapons, combo cards, keys, or books. Most psychopaths also have hostages.

The Psychopaths' defeated cutscenes are divided into the following three categories:

  • Last words: They spend their last moments talking about something before finally succumbing to their wounds.
    • Cliff Hudson: Talks about how he became insane after he lost his granddaughter to the zombies.
    • Steven Chapman: Wonders who will take care of his store after he dies.
    • Jo Slade: Insults Frank as she dies.
    • Kent Swanson: Asks Frank to take a picture of him.
    • Larry Chiang: Giggles creepily as he dies.
    • Carlito Keyes: Takes off his locket and tells Frank to give it to Isabela.
    • Ted Smith: Tries to call Snowflake over to feed off of him.
    • Brent Ernst: Talks to his dead girlfriend.
    • Roger Withers: Stabs Reed with a dagger, saying he had always wanted to do that.
    • T.K.: Recites his line from "Terror is Reality" while trying to strangle Chuck, but gets cut when Chuck throws him off the platform.
    • Chuck Greene: Tells "Katey" he's glad she's okay, and that's all that matters.
    • Dylan Fuentes: Makes a lewd remark before he falls on his back.
    • Teddy Lagerfeld: Pleads with Nick not to hurt him, only to die from a heart attack as a result of his sedentary lifestyle.
    • Fontana: Tells Frank that wolves take care of their pack.
    • Tom Pickton: Tries to gain forgiveness by insane ramblings.
    • Calder: Tells Frank that "The Chain" will remain.
  • Accidental death: They are stumbling from their defeat, eventually landing themselves to a terrible and usually gruesome accident.
    • Cletus Samson: Gets eaten by a zombified James Ramsey, whom he had previously shot.
    • Adam MacIntyre: Falls stomach first onto his chainsaws, slicing open his torso until he bleeds out.
    • Sean Keanan: Falls before his altar and offers praise to his idol, which falls over and stabs him through the eye.
    • Brock Mason: Falls off his tank, right into a crowd of zombies.
    • Jed Wright: Stumbles into a pile of cars, causing the car atop to fall down and crush him.
    • Leon Bell: Sets himself on fire when performing a motorcycle donut.
    • Antoine Thomas: Tries to get a grip on a counter, but falls head-first into a deep fryer filled with hot oil.
    • Randy Tugman: Gets eaten by his zombified past wife, which he mistakes for Danni.
    • Seymour Redding: Falls onto a rotating saw blade.
    • Raymond Sullivan: Is torn in half as he tries to get in his helicopter.
    • Harjit Singh: Stumbles into a tank of Queens and is stung to death.
    • Evan MacIntyre: Knocks over a canister of liquid nitrogen onto himself and freezes to death.
    • Stacey Forsythe: Gets crushed by her own robot.
    • Hunter Thibodeaux: Crashes into a tanker as he is burned alive.
    • Albert Contiello: Disembowels himself open using his surgical saw and pulls out his intestines while, under the effects of his own drug, hallucinating zombies attacking him.
    • Darlene Fleischermacher: Chokes on her own vomit after her scooter slips on a puddle of bile.
    • Hilde Schmittendorf: Shoots a rocket that propels herself and Nick out of the building, landing on her back, while Nick survives by landing right on her body.
    • Jherii Gallo: Pulls down a trophy case onto herself, crushing her. 
  • Suicide: They realize their inevitable fate and decide to end their suffering early.
    • Brandon Whittaker: Slits his throat with a piece of glass after realizing he has been bitten.
    • Carl Schliff: Grabs a bomb package and holds it in his hands, blowing himself up in the explosion.
    • Amber/Crystal Bailey: Proclaims she cannot live without her "other half", and proceeds to stab herself in the abdomen.
    • Dwight Boykin: Blows himself up with a grenade to avoid turning into a zombie.
    • Bibi Love: Assuming the player fails to protect her comeback show, she blows herself up alongside her captive audience.
    • Zhi Wong: Talks about the miserable aspects of his rotten life, then decapitates himself.
    • Adam Kane: Shoots himself so he won't have to turn himself in.

Dead Rising psychopaths[]

All the psychopaths in Dead Rising.

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop psychopaths[]

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero psychopaths[]

Dead Rising 2 psychopaths[]

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Dead Rising 3 psychopaths[]

The psychopaths in Dead Rising 3.

Dead Rising 4 maniacs[]

In Dead Rising 4, the term "psychopath" has been replaced with "maniac." There are significantly fewer maniacs than in previous installments.

Psychopath groups[]



  • Survivors in Infinity Mode or Sandbox Mode
  • Kent DeMare - a well-dressed survivor who refuses to return a locket that he bought, and attacks Nick when asked to return it.
  • Big D - A pimp who wants Nick to kill a stripper, but is a strong survivor, leaving Nick to make a choice.
  • Phil - A greedy man who wants to claim his wife's will and all the money that comes with it. He then decides to kill Nick, Warren (his stepson), and any other "witnesses."
  • Jason (Mission Survivor) - An overweight man who's distraught over his family becoming zombies, and tries to keep them alive by feeding them meat. If Nick talks to him too many times, or has a full posse with him, or kills his family, Jason will become hostile. Judging by the bodies scattered around the area, Jason has killed multiple people to feed his family.
  • Adam Kane (commander) - A high-ranking Spec Ops member. He has a high amount of health for a trooper, having a health meter that can be compared to a full-fledged Psychopath.
  • Gary - If the player decides to fight him instead of bringing Rhonda.