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The psychopaths in the Dead Rising series are humans who have either gone criminally insane due to the sheer stress and chaos of the zombie outbreak and/or seeing friends, family, and others being slaughtered by the undead, or are otherwise evil and see the outbreak as an opportunity to do whatever they wish. They serve as the game's bosses, but players only come by most of them if they go to certain areas. Defeating them usually has a beneficial side-effect such as access to new areas, rescuing certain survivors, and/or unique weapon drops.

Incidentally, not all of the "psychopaths" are genuinely insane; some are either corrupt, morally deprived individuals using the outbreak as a chance to engage in criminal activities (such as looting and violence against survivors) or at the least, are extremely paranoid of others. For example, the Convicts are a trio of criminals who escaped prison, commandeered a military Humvee and are simply taking advantage of the outbreak by causing chaos without having to worry about the police.

At times, the game considers normal people to be psychopaths until defeated for the storyline. Isabela Keyes, for example, is entirely sane, but must be defeated by Frank in combat to get her to listen to him. Afterwards, she becomes an ally and plays a major role in the story. Diego Martinez went into shock after discovering the zombie that was believed to have started an outbreak in the town of Smithville had a number 4 tattooed onto his neck, just like himself. Others, like Kent Swanson and Kenny Dermot, appear to be friendly at first, but later become hostile. Some psychopaths, such Kenny or Paul Carson, can be saved as a survivor after defeating them after they see the fault in their ways.

In Dead Rising 4, the psychopaths are replaced by the maniacs, although with the same purpose.

Dead Rising PsychopathsEdit

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop Psychopaths Edit

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero PsychopathsEdit

Dead Rising 2 PsychopathsEdit

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Dead Rising 3 PsychopathsEdit

Dead rising 3 psychopaths

The psychopaths in Dead Rising 3.

Dead Rising 4 ManiacsEdit

In Dead Rising 4, the term "psychopath" has been replaced with "maniac." There are significantly fewer maniacs than the previous installments.

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  • Survivors in the Infinity Mode or Sandbox Mode
  • Kent DeMare - a well-dressed survivor who refuses to return a locket that he bought, and attacks Nick when asked to return it.
  • Big D - a pimp who wants Nick to kill a stripper, but is a strong survivor, leaving Nick to make a choice.
  • Phil - A greedy man who wants to claim his wife's will and all the money that comes with it. He then decides to kill Nick, Warren (his son-in-law), and any other "witnessess."
  • Adam Kane (commander) - A high-ranking Spec Ops member. He has a high amount of health for a trooper, having a health meter that can be compared to a full-fledged Psychopath.
  • Gary - If the player decides to fight him instead of bringing Rhonda.


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