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The Pummel Blast is a combo weapon that Nick Ramos can create in Dead Rising 3.

It can be made by combining a sledgehammer with a grenade. The blueprints can be found at the plane hangar.

It reappears in Dead Rising 4 under a new name, the Blast from the Past.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The combo weapon is described by the Official Xbox 360 magazine as:
"If you have any sledgehammers that you haven't turned into swingable saws, or explosives you haven't stuffed down a shotgun, then you might want to synergise those leftovers. The Pummel Blast laughs at the very concept of health and safety, encouraging you to attach grenades to the end of a hammer. Hitting anything produces an explosion - Nick, though undoubtedly in the blast radius, will be left unharmed."[1]

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