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Punisher is an achievement in Dead Rising.

It is unlocked after defeating ten psychopaths in one playthrough of 72 Hour Mode.


In order to obtain the Punisher achievement, ten of the following psychopaths must be defeated.

DR 023 The Artiste DR 020 Bullet Point DR 06 Punisher DR 07 Legendary Soldier DR 05 Peace Keeper DR 021 Perfect Gunner
Kent Cletus Adam Cliff Jo Roger
53 Jack Hall 54 Thomas Hall DR 027 Psycho Photo DR 029 PP Collector DR 04 Self Defense DR 028 Psycho Collector
Jack Thomas Sean Paul Steven Larry


  • Despite being classified as psychopaths, Carlito Keyes, Isabela Keyes, the Convicts, the True Eye cultists, and Brock Mason do not count towards the Punisher achievement.
  • It is notable that the player must kill at least one member of the sniper family for the achievement, so they are essential towards the completion.
    • This is only true in 72-hour mode. In the Infinity Mode (where this achievement can still be earned), the player can simply kill the respawning Psychopaths. There's no reason to earn the achievement this way beyond bragging rights.
  • It is possible that the achievement is named after the Marvel comics character "The Punisher" as he kills criminals, murderous people, and most importantly psychos.
  • The use of Adam the Clown has become quite fitting, as he's become one of if not the most iconic psychopath(s) in the game/series.
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