Case Zero Dead Rising 3 

Quarantine Area
Quarantine Area DR3
Location Los Perdidos
Mission(s) Eat Food to Restore Health
Find a Weapon
Get Through the Blockade
Find Supplies
Explore the Tunnel
Find a Way Out

The Quarantine Area is a location in Dead Rising 3.

It is where the game starts during Chapter 0. Nick came to the Quarantine Area to find an exit out of the city that he, Annie, Dick and Rhonda could use to escape. However, the tunnel has been collapsed, leaving Nick and his friends no escape out of the city.

The Quarantine Area was run by the ZDC as a checkpoint to check people before leaving Los Perdidos during the time of the outbreak. Once Los Perdidos was quarantined, the tunnel leading out of the city was purposely collapsed to keep infected inside the city. The infected citizens were penned up in cages, but later turned after their Zombrex chips were deactivated.

Any healthy citizen who were waiting to leave the city was left stranded at the checkpoint, and ultimately turned. No ZDC staff or survivors are present.




  • Time does not pass while Nick is exploring the Quarantine Area during Chapter 0. This gives the player opportunity to learn the game's mechanics, and to gather weapons and items for the weapon locker. 


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