Queen Bee Jar
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Type Chemical
Awesomeness 10
Uses 1
Strength High
Health 300
Durability Fragile
Location Zombies
Survivor Weapon No
Fits in Inventory Yes

The Queen Bee Jar is a weapon in Dead Rising 3.

Similar to the Queen from Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2, the Queen Bee is the wasp that carries the zombie virus. Gary demonstrates how the bees can be captured and squished to kill zombies at the St. Keith's Memorial Grounds during Chapter 2.

It is a chemical weapon and can be used to make several other combo weapons if the 'chemical' item category is purchased.


  • Primary: Tap Template:Xbutton to perform a weak attack by hitting zombies with the jar.
  • Secondary: Hold Ybutton to smash the jar (and the wasp it contains) to cause zombies within a short range of Nick to go into fits and eventually have their heads explode.
  • Thrown: Hold Ltrigger and throw the jar using Righttrigger.

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