Raining Nails
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Type Combo Weapon
Combine Flare Gun + Mechanical

Raining Nails is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 4.

It is created by combining a flare gun with a mechanical type item.


  • Press and hold Ltrigger while the Raining Nails are equipped to aim the weapon. Use Righttrigger to fire the weapon.
  • To fire without aiming, Righttrigger can be pressed to fire the weapon quickly.


  • The Raining Nails behaves similarly to the Hand Cannon from Dead Rising 3. It could very well be a combo replacement, similar to the Auger and the Excavator.
  • Even after the Final Update nerfed its damage, the Raining Nails is still one of the best firearms in Dead Rising 4. A single shot can kill zombies, fresh zombies, looters, obscurists, and even maniac followers thanks to its ability to land multiple hits at once (which becomes multiple headshots if Frank aims for the head). On top of that, each nail has its own hitbox and therefore its own chance to get a critical hit.
  • The Scare King used to drop a Raining Nails along with his fire starter, meaning that it is possible that during the game's development, he used one himself. After the final update, he now drops the Reaper and a fire starter.


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