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For the Terror is Reality event, see Ramsterball.

The ramster ball is a vehicle in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is a giant rolling ball that the player can control. Hold Right trigger/R2 to sprint in the ball.

The ball is fairly slow and does not have a great amount of endurance. After killing about 100 zombies, it will explode and disappear.


Dead rising ramster ball main.png
  • Main: Use D-pad left/D-pad left to maneuver the ramster ball.


  • A yellow Ramsterball is found in the center of the Underground, where the three tunnels meet.
  • In Fortune Park, a blue Ramsterball is found just outside and to the right if you exit Royal Flush Plaza. At first, it is part of a minigame (Motion Madness) that the player can pay to play and earn an environment bonus. There are three levels. The game costs $1,000, $4,000 and $10,000 per consecutive play, and will give the player a PP environment bonus equal to how much money is paid. If the player beats the last level, the ball will be freed and the player can travel around with it in Fortune Park for the rest of the game.


The PC game file items.txt lists several ramster balls, which are referred to as "Hamster Balls", that have two different speeds:

  • RollableItem HamsterBall_Red - MaxSpeed = "10.0"
  • RollableItem HamsterBall_Blue - MaxSpeed = "10.0"
  • RollableItem HamsterBall_Yellow - MaxSpeed = "10.0"
  • RollableItem HamsterBall_Yellow_Gyroscope - MaxSpeed = "7.0"
  • RollableItem HamsterBall_Green - MaxSpeed = "10.0"
  • RollableItem HamsterBall_Blue_Gyroscope - MaxSpeed = "7.0"