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Ramsterball is a Terror is Reality event in the Dead Rising 2 multiplayer mode.

At the start of the round, one player is randomly selected to receive the "power". This player is currently the only one able to score points. The players enter giant hamsterballs (named Ramsterballs) and run over zombies to accumulate points, which can only be done if you have the power. After gaining points with the power, a player then must collide with a bumper to score/bank the accumulated points. If someone has the power and gets hit by another player, they will lose the power. The player with the most points at the end of the round is declared the winner.

Co-op mode[]

A usable yellow Ramster Ball can be found in single player/co-op mode . It is found underground in the very middle of the road tunnel, where the "Y" shape connects. One can also use the Motion Madness Ramsterball if they win the mini-game three times.


Fidget Glitch[]

This glitch is first detectable in the waiting screen before the game. The player character is seen fidgeting when the game loads to the first event. By attempting to move around during the waiting screen, one can navigate their ball off the starting area, where they will lose control of the ball when the rules are displayed, leaving them drifting until the round begins.[Verification needed]

Connection Glitch[]

The connection glitch is where a player has a bad connection. The lagging player may start already in the field.

Another glitch is if a player has a bad connection, the game will badly lag, causing other players to randomly get sudden bursts of speed and supposedly hit the lagging player even if the lagging player is on one side of the ring and they opposing players are on the other.


This game is based on from the Atlasphere event from American Gladiators.