Randall "Randy" Tugman
Dead rising randy bust
Voice Actor John Murphy
Status Deceased
Age 28
Notebook Number 005
Notebook Description A socially awkward virgin and internet sex addict who is using the outbreak as a chance to get "married" to any unfortunate women he can find.
Health 3200 (Dead Rising 2)
2900 (Off the Record)
Weapon Giant Pink Chainsaw
Location Swept Away
Mission(s) Here Comes the Groom
PP 20,000

"Don't worry honey... the other ones didn't mean anything to me."
—Randy, talking about the dead bride

Randall Tugman, better known as Randy, is a psychopath appearing in the Dead Rising 2 mission Here Comes the Groom. He is an obese man in a fetish costume who wields a Giant Pink Chainsaw. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

Here Comes the GroomEdit

Randy has taken both his father, Emanuel, and a young woman named Danni Bodine as his captives at the Swept Away wedding chapel. Emanuel begs his son to let them go, calling him "Randall," to which he replies he prefers to be called "Randy" and tells him to get on with the wedding ceremony. Danni tries to escape, but she is held back and restrained. Randy assures her that the other dead bride in the room meant nothing to him. Randy tells Emanuel that he always said that he wanted him to wait for sex until he's married and that he's not waiting any more and coerces his father into saying the final verses of the wedding ceremony, all the while revving his chainsaw in an excited and aroused manner.

As Emanuel notices Chuck Greene enter the chapel, he cries for help - causing Randy to turn around while still holding his weapon. The blade of the chainsaw cuts into the suspended Emanuel's abdomen, killing him as Randy confronts Chuck. He accuses Chuck of trying to ruin the happiest day of their lives, and attacks him.

After he is defeated, Randy is knocked onto his back. He notices the silhouette of a bride approach and calls out to her, but is surprised as it turns out to be the zombified bride whom he had killed and is killed and eaten by the zombie as Chuck looks on. Chuck can pick up Randy's chainsaw after his death.

Battle StyleEdit

See Here Comes the Groom

Sandbox ModeEdit

Randy is one of the crazed survivors Frank can fight in Sandbox Mode. He will spawn in the wedding chapel as he does in Story Mode. Once defeated he drops his weapon and $25,000. 


  • His name may be a play on words; "Randy" is slang for lustful, and "Tugman" may imply masturbation.
  • In British slang, the term "being randy," means being sexually aroused, an obvious reference to Randy's behavior. Of course, since "Randy" is a name, it may just be a coincidence.
  • Randy's death is similar to Cletus Samson's, in that both are attacked and eaten by zombified people they had previously killed.
  • He is incredibly similar to Jo Slade from Dead Rising. Both attack their hostages, are obese, are obsessed with sexually assaulting women, and both provoke the fight between them and the protagonist.
  • As he is being eaten by the zombie bride, he can be heard laughing for a brief moment, hinting that he might be a masochist.
  • He is the only psychopath in the series to kill a member of his own family.
  • Randy's boss theme is Shiny by Blue Stahli
  • If Chuck leaves the chapel while fighting Randy and return, he will see him bear-hugging/dry humping Danni. This takes away a small amount of her health.
  • Sometimes, Randy will also shout "He was my father!" during the fight, indicating that he blames his carelessness on Chuck for distracting him.
  • When running, Randy may complain that he forgot his inhaler, suggesting that he is asthmatic.
  • Despite being voiced by Patton Oswalt, he sounds very similar to Chucky from the Child's Play movies (voiced by Brad Douriff) especially when he chuckles/laughes.
  • Despite his large size, Randy is surprisingly fast, being able to charge full speed at Chuck/Frank.
  • Sometimes Randy will shout "You killed my father! Prepare to die!" during the fight. This is most likely a reference to the film The Princess Bride
  • Randy's weapon and physical appearance and run animation can be seen as a reference to Piggsy: the obese, pig-head, chainsaw wielding boss from Manhunt by Rockstar Games.
  • After defeating Randy, the zombified bride will remain in the chapel, and can be killed by Chuck. Apart from her unique model, the bride is no different from the average female zombies.
  • The model of the zombie bride is called "sexdeviantbride" while for the model during the cutscene, it is called "cine_zombiebride.big"[1]
  • Randy's chainsaw carries some obvious sexual imagery - he begins "revving it up" the more excited he gets as he talks about losing his virginity. The size of the weapon, the color, the way he wields it and even the name of the weapon are also suggestive and may be compensating for something.
  • Randy calls the pig head on his crotch "Mr. Oink." 
  • His name, Randy, is likely based on the actual word randy, meaning sexually aroused or excited. 
  • Him and Kris are the only males in Fortune City who give Erotica points. 
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, photographing Randy's corpse will reward Frank with Brutality points and a few Erotica points for his stomach. 
  • He bears an uncanny resemblance to internet celebrity, Christian Weston Chandler in both appearance and personality.  
  • There are files in the game associated with Randy that suggest that he might have had a ranged weapon, like most other psychopaths have. From the looks of it, it was either a tranquilizer gun, a crossbow, or some sort of silenced weapon. The file in question is called fx_devianttranqgun_big, and Randy is referenced as 'deviant' in game.
  • Randy has two different death animations: If Chuck/Frank kills him while he is standing up, he will slump to his knees. If Chuck/Frank kills him after attacking the pig head on his crotch, he will fall backwards and squirm around.
  • Randy is the only boss in Dead Rising 2 that Chuck and Frank taunt in an almost identical manner, with Chuck taunting "You may now kiss the bride" when Randy is being eaten while Frank taunts "You may now feed the bride".
  • It is also implied that Randy sexually abused Danni, as a bloody mattress can be found in the church, with a massager lying on it. This suggests that Randy has raped Danni or the other bride or is a necrophiliac.  
  • Randy could be a reference to the radical feminist phrase : "Men are pigs".
  • According to the game files, Lulu Barra was supposed to be held hostage by Randy. 
  • His role in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is exactly the same as it is in the main version of the game. 
  • Randy is similar to Adam MacIntyre, as both wield Chainsaw(s), but unlike Adam, Randy uses one chainsaw, as opposed to Adam, who wields two.
  • When Randy runs out of breath, he will sometimes mention that he has an inhaler. This may mean that he has asthma.  
  • Randy's role in the game largely reflects Leatherface's from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2" as shown by the large chainsaw being used for phallic imagery, obsession with a woman, and his "victory thrusts" when he successfully hits Chuck/Frank with his chainsaw.  
  • Randy's alleged voice actor, Patton Oswalt, is credited as John Murphy and denies voicing Randy Tugman. This could mean that it was a sound-alike, albeit a VERY good sound-alike.  
  • According to IMDB[2], Randy is voiced by comedian Patton Oswalt credited under the pseudonym "John Murphy".[3] Although he denies voicing Randy, Oswalt has been known to use humorous aliases on including "Schecky Chucklestein" & "Neill Cumpston".[4]
  • His intro cutscene might of been a reference to the Simpsons episode "Simpsons Tall Tales" where one of the characters escaped marriage by replacing the groom with a pig. 
  • Despite Randy having previous victims before his fight against the protagonist, he tells his dad "I knew I wouldn't die a virgin". This seems to imply that he's impotent as a result of his abstinence vow, hence why he chooses to marry his victims before doing the deed. However, he may have said this as a form of pride, as he achieved his goal of losing his virginity. 
  • Given Randy's quote about his previous bride and he says about losing his virginity may mean that he tried and failed to lose his virginity to his previous bride resulting in him getting embarrassed and killing them out of anger or that he firmly believed in sex after marriage that he would marry his hostage then he would loose his virginity to his bride then killed the bride in order to remarry another hostage.
  • Alternatively, considering how he behaves towards Danni, Randy's quote about his previous bride could mean that the previous bride was desperately trying to fight back and Randy killed her simply for doing that.


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