Collect Razorface's Ring 4
Weapon Bonecrusher
Location Mayor's Mansion
Health 3000
Mission(s) Collect Razorface's Ring

Razorface is a psychopath in Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising.

He is one of three captains who work for Spider. Hunter decides to hunt the three captains down to diminish Spider's hold on the biker gang. Razorface can be found at the Mayor's Mansion in Sunset Hills. Unlike the other two psychopaths, he serves as a mini-boss and is tougher than an average enemy, wielding a Bonecrusher, a large hammer.

When killed, he will drop a unique ring that Hunter must collect, and a Bonecrusher.


  • Razorface is most likely named after Celldweller's song of the same name.
  • His picture is on the Hunter and the Hunted achievement. 
  • Many of his attacks mirror that of Jherii Gallo, another psychopath in Dead Rising 3's main game.