Red 9
Type Firearm
Uses 9
Location Huntin' Shack
Dead Rising
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The Red 9 is a pistol exclusive to Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. Is the most powerful handgun in the game. It can be given to Frank from Tonya Waters and Ross Folk for completing the scoop Lovers with an S rank.

It can be purchased from Cletus Samson in his shop, for $30000.

Stats Edit

"This gun is more powerful than the standard handgun"

  • Firepower: B
  • Reload Speed: A
  • Firing Speed: A
  • Capacity: 9
  • Prize: $30000


  • The firearm was first featured in the Capcom game Resident Evil 4.
  • The real name of this gun is Mauser C96. It is often called "broomhandle", and the 9mm variant is often nicknamed Red 9, due to the red 9 that was carved in the handle in order to differentiate it with other calibers.


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