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"Everyone's a critic aren't they? You think this is easy?"
— Reed, responding to Chuck's "criticism"

Reed Wallbeck is a psychopath found in Dead Rising 2 during the mission World's Most Dangerous Trick.

Before zombies invaded Fortune City, Reed and his partner Roger Withers were once failed magicians seeking fame. However, they both went insane after the outbreak. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

World's Most Dangerous Trick[]

When Chuck/Frank finds the two magicians, they are rehearsing for a new magic show with Reed often berating Roger for messing up their scenes. He then attempts "the most dangerous trick in the world", cutting a hostage named Madison Lainey in half with a large saw. However, Reed fails his trick and Madison is killed. While Reed laments another failure, Chuck/Frank points out that they have murdered the woman. Reed yells at Chuck/Frank for insulting them, as they are just practicing. Reed then tries to kill Chuck/Frank with a Rocket Launcher. After being defeated, Reed lies dying as an injured Roger crawls over to him and stabs him to death with a dagger. Roger happily says he had always wanted to kill Reed and then succumbs to his own wounds.

Sandbox Mode[]

Reed is one of the crazed survivors Frank can fight in Sandbox Mode. He will spawn with Roger in their usual spot in the Atlantica Casino on the first day. Once defeated, he will drop his weapon and $25,000.

Battle Style[]

See World's Most Dangerous Trick.


  • Reed bears resemblance to actors David Hassellhoff and Will Ferrell.
  • Reed and Chuck share a similar facial model, though the body and clothing models are different.
  • Reed and Roger have similarities to real life magicians and stage performers Penn and Teller: Teller and Roger are the silent partners in their acts, while Reed and Penn are the more talkative of the two. Also, their outfits and the way the present their performances are similar to Siegfried and Roy.
  • Reed's voice actor, Alessandro Juliani, is also known as the voice of L from Death Note and Gambit in X-Men Evolution
  • The song that plays while fighting them is "Switchback (Detroit 2000)" by Celldweller. 
  • The duo may be based on the magic duo Sigfried and Roy, due to the outfits and nature of their performances. 
  • Reed is able to kill Roger with his Rocket Launcher, marking him in the notebook as "Located" instead of "Dead". 
  • His portrait shows his facial structure to also be similar to Michael C. Hall, famous for Portraying the serial killer Dexter. 
  • He is also a blonde reference to David Copperfield since both killed by their assistants in the 1980's Canadian horror movie Terror Train. 
  • In Off The Record, he will bow once you take a hit from him and it gives you 1000 Prestige Points.
  • In OTR, whenever Reed starts firing rockets, the screen will shake whenever it explodes and the sound graphics are louder than the original Dead Rising 2.