Regina Dee
Dead rising Regina bust
Age 34
Notebook Description Looking for a new way to make money. Found in the Storage Bay.
Location Storage Bay
PP 20,000
"Look, this place is going to hell and I'm out of a job. But I have a plan. I'm going to sell human organs!"
—Regina, sharing her future plans

Regina Dee is a survivor in Dead Rising 2: Case West. She is a scientist employed by Phenotrans who found herself in trouble at the time out the facility outbreak. She appears during at 10pm and triggers the scoop, Organ Donor.

Organ DonorEdit

In Organ Donor, Regina Dee is being attacked by zombies in the Storage Bay of the Holding Pens in the Phenotrans Facility. She calls for help, asking Chuck and Frank to save her. Once the zombies have been killed, she states that it seems like the facility is going to hell and that she will be out of a job. She comes up with the idea of selling human organs, and requests a human heart and a human liver from the labs.

After giving Regina the organs, she gives Chuck the Tunnel Key to the Underground Tunnel. She warns him that there is a scientist down there who was in an accident and has gone mad. She then flees the facility with her organs.



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