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"We've got lots of valuable merchandise, pal. I wouldn't turn your nose up at it. We could really help you out of a jam. Always here for desperate man."
—Reinhold, speaking to Chuck

Reinhold is a looter running the Moe's Maginations pawnshop, introduced in One Man's Trash, in Dead Rising 2. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

One Man's Trash[]

Chuck arrives at Moe's Maginations to find it boarded up and barricaded, with the shutter down at the entryway. Behind the shutter is a Reinhold, a looter, who Chuck yells at, blaming him for the other looters that attacked him in Roy's Mart. The looter chuckles and says that he must have ran into one of his pals. Reinhold then allows Chuck to enter the store, converted into a pawnshop, with several combo weapons and Zombrex for sale.

It's likely Reinhold did not know of the impending eradication of the city and was most likely killed in the military firebombing after the survivors escaped.


  • In Dead Rising 2, Reinhold's name is only revealed when using a mod.[1] Otherwise, he is labeled as "looter". However, in Off the Record, Reinhold's name appears when he's spoke to.
  • Reinhold cannot be killed or injured, similar to the other looters running the pawnshops.
  • Reinhold's unused message when rescued is the same as Dean's: "You never forget your first kill, boy. But it gets easier each time."[2]
  • Reinhold's character in the PC file items.txt is called cast_looter1
  • In the game credits, Reinhold, along with his fellow storekeepers, is credited as "Pawn Shop Looter", voiced by Chris Helsley.
  • The name "Reinhold" is of German origin and can be both a first name and surname.



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